Creepy Abandoned Structures in the Forest


Creeping through the foggy woods in the autumn, you stumble upon a structure. You explore it and ponder, "who lived here and why did they leave?" 

Here's a collection of such spooky cryptid dwellings - 

In mining boom towns and rural areas, country churches offered solace to workers who had a hard life. But, when the town goes to bust, the churches are left to be reclaimed by the forest - 

Railroads that once supported the growth and expansion, became empty roads to nowhere. 

When you come upon an abandoned amusement park, you can almost hear the echoing screams of children on the coasters. 

Do you dare cross an abandoned covered bridge? 

Abandoned cottages in the forest are especially spooky. At one time they protected people from the elements and when the people left, the elements reclaimed them. 

Abandoned mills sit dormant and outdated - 

Should you decide to document abandoned structures in the forest, I highly suggest this camera I've had over a decade - it can film underwater, fits in a pocket, is shock proof (threw it out my car window by accident swatting a fly), and has taken amazing pics and vids of abandoned sites forever!