Thursday, September 30, 2021

Real-Life Terrifying Encounter With a Werewolf


An extremely reliable witness with a background in military, prospecting, and survival skills for exploring, came to me with an experience that still visibly shakes him. Like with many practical real-world folks who have an unexplained encounter that defies logic, he still hasn't come to terms with what happened to him on a prospecting trip years ago.


I was in the Red Desert of Wyoming prospecting for diamonds. I had recovered about 30,000 carat of peridot and working my way through towards a tabletop mountain. 

I camped that night and was lying across my tailgate counting meteors, I forget what shower it was, when suddenly coyotes started howling all around my vehicle. 

This was nothing I would normally worry about but they kept coming in and the howls were anguished for lack of a better description. They kept closing in and making tighter circles so I crawled up into the bed of the truck inside the camper shell and tried to go to sleep. 

I felt someone or something come up and push on the truck like someone was looking in. I rolled over and right there in the moonlight was a Hollywood Lon Chaney type werewolf bent down peering in on me. 

I shook my head then said out loud, "you've got to be shitting me," rolled over and grabbed the butt of my .44 Magnum and back up to confront the thing. 

It ran off in some hyper-animated weird movements and bounded away. 

I lay awake all night and waited till morning to get out. There on the side of the camper on the glass were prints of the creature left while it was peering in.

I got far away that day and still in the Red Desert prospecting. I bedded down in an old adobe ruin within sight of the table top mountain, but miles and miles away.

As I was heating up supper I noticed a hot blue flashing light coming across the desert toward me. It appeared like one of those bright LED strobes people use on bicycles to be seen at night. 

It would come towards me then rise up and head back toward the mountain. This went on for quite some time so I loaded my shotgun and sat up. 

I wasn't afraid but I knew I would get no sleep that night so I decided to relocate. As I started packing I became more and more afraid until I was almost panicking when I got the last of my gear in and headed to I-80 and on to a rest area to spend the night. 

The next day I went back with intentions of going to the table top mountain to get up on it to see if the peridot was bigger or maybe find a diamond. 

I found a spotlessly clean, black mirror finish SUV with black mirror windows waiting at the exact spot. No dust, no dirt and it's 28 miles across dusty dirty desert roads to get to that spot. 

They observed my every move for a couple of hours until I finally left the area altogether and have never to this day returned.


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