My Top 5 Favorite Halloween Decor Places!


It's that magical time of year when you drift into the craft, hardware, and big box stores, cruise around online, and bop into the local Spirit Halloween to get your visual fix. 

I'm going to share some of my favorite places to find decor for Halloween!

Christmas Traditions (shop)

This shop has an amazing array of beautiful artistry and magic for whatever holiday it is. Halloween is very nostalgic and amazing. If you want true collectibles, this is ideal. 

Trick or Treat Children
I absolutely love these designs, so nostalgic and spooky.

Oriental Trading Company (shop)

This is the most happily priced items with biggest selection. If you need a costume or are having a party - it's ideal!

Spirit Halloween (shop)

We all love Spirit Halloween because it has pop up storms from around Labor Day to Halloween. This allows a lot of us to go in the stores, see the animatronics, and soak up Halloween first hand. If you need makeup, costumes, or home decor, it's awesome! I'm not always excited about the themes they decide to focus on, but thankfully zombies and clowns are fading away. Their online catalog makes it possible to get items anywhere. 

GrandInRoad (shop)

This ones is pricey, but you will find seriously quality and beautiful items that you can't find anywhere else. If you want Halloween to be an interior design delight without being campy and cheesy, you'll find those items here. They are the kinds of things you keep for decades and probably have your kids begging to take to their adult classy homes.

Fountain of Mortals 

Michael's (shop)

Once again, a great store because you can go inside and really play with stuff. Michaels is fantastic about setting Halloween up in the summertime, knowing we can't resist looking at everything autumn. With the exception of the ugly glitter choices, their buyers are pretty spot-on. The Tiny Treasures/Tiny Town collectibles are a fascination to look at up close. 

Vintage Halloween is a real favorite right now and I'd love to see the 1970s stuff - the stacked plastic jack o'lantern light, the macaroni-looking plastic wall hangings of a cat and the moon, a pumpkin, a witch. Would love to see someone turn string lights into those napkin and rubber band ghosts we used to make!

Tiny Treasures witch's bed

Some other places to look - 



Party City