Making Halloween Art From Forest and Garden Finds -


Go into the forest this fall and gather your items. It's time to make a wall collage from found stuff.

Continuing our hiding in the forest theme this year, I suggest you head outside and collect things like - dried flowers, dried corn stalks, feathers, seed pods, acorns, pinecones, twigs, limbs, plant roots, bark and more!

Screaming Tree

This was actually an arbor vitae root I pulled out of the ground after the bush had died. If you are using a root that is still green, leave it out a while to dry out or put in a very low temperature oven a few hours to dehydrate. I used clay to create a face and then painted it. 

Jack O'Lantern Twig Figure

This cute figure was some twigs hot glued together and then twine wrapped around the hand and foot area and joints. I used clay to make a head and painted it. 

Blair Witch Figure

Once again, twigs, hot glue and twine. I glued a strip of bark on the chest and even made a weird little twiggy and pinecone points necklace charm. A sunflower aging from the garden was hot glued on to age over time. 

Dried Sunflower Strip

I took a piece of cholla skeleton (a dried cactus that leaves holes in its surface) and I took my garden sunflowers as they were fading and poked them through the holes to make an ongoing dried fall arrangement.

God's Eye

Children of the 70s recall making these. This God's eye (above) is made of raffia and some kabob sticks.

The video below shows you how to do this simple wrap. Consider using twine, tattered rope, or any other winding material. The cross bars can be done with anything too - I've seen people use antlers!

Corn dolly

Since I had a lot of drying cornstalks outside, making a pagan-appearing corn dolly seemed very "Children of the Corn-esque." 

If you're not feeling particularly crafty, consider a really rustic berry twig wreath -