Hiding in the Forest - This Year's Halloween Theme!


Every year you know that Ghost Hunting Theories is going to own the Halloween season. This year will remove the standard boring gore and put true primal fears back to work.

The forest holds so many secrets and this season I will be sharing makeup, costumes, foods, drinks, party ideas, tons of Halloween crafts, and tons and tons of horrifying things hiding in the forests. Just some things to explore - 

a.  cryptid creatures

b.  abandoned sites

c.  spooklights

d.  suicide forest

e.  hoia baciu

f.   doll island

g.  trail cam captures

h.  alien encounters

i.  haunted forests

j.  haunted railroad tunnels

k. scary caves

l.  feral people


And, a whole lot more surprises I'm not going to reveal too soon!

From today until November first, expect a parade of forest creepiness every single day!