Monday, September 13, 2021

Artists Hiding Their Work Inside the Forest


Danish artist Thomas Dambo

Inspired by the forest, some artists cannot help taking over the playground to create happy finds for lucky hikers.

Artist Thomas Dambo hid his beautiful giant trolls (I love that they are the traditional giant-sized ones) within a forest in Belgium. 

Lucky for us, there are artists like him, as well as Andy Goldsworthy.

Goldsworthy takes nature and creates amazing arrangements. He is considered a "naturalist" artist (my favorite kind!)

Rock stacks have long been used in the forest as markers, but more and more hikers and campers are enjoying leaving behind some amazing stacks. 

And an amazing wood pile - 

In Finland there is a place with hidden art that few know about - 

Rob Mullholland did an amazing work with mirrors to reflect the forest - 

Patrick Dougherty does the most amazing work with twigs - just stunning!

Here's an axman - by 

Artists inspired by nature are real treasures. There should be magic in the forest and some great talents are giving a true gift to humankind.

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