Monday, August 23, 2021

What's New at Spirit Halloween 2021?


You're curious, right?  Locations will be opening very soon, so let's get a preview of some coming attractions at SpiritHalloween stores in 2021.

Most of us loved "Trick R Treat" movie (why aren't there more Halloween-night movies???) But, the collection at Spirit Halloween seems a bit thin. I'd love to see more that revolves around the most spooky story - the kids at the rock quarry with all the Jack O' Lanterns where the bus driver drove the kids into the water and drowned them. 

You can still find the Hocus Pocus items (love!), Beetlejuice, Marvel costumes, Nightmare Before Christmas, Day of the Dead, and other favorite collections that remain each year.

Let's check our favorite - animatronics!


If you have an Amazon account, the link for Barry takes you to Spirit Halloween on Amazon - quick and easy.

Here he is in action - 

Mr. Howle

A pretty good werewolf (favorite) in action - 


This link takes you to Spirit Halloween on Amazon, easier for those with an Amazon account already.

Here he is in action - 

Check when the SpiritHalloween store in your area is opening - pop in your zip code.

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