Underground Beings Ready to Reemerge and Attack Again?


This legend and accompanying story were shared with me from a friend, Terry Acosta. I find this to be a very compelling legend. The interesting point of all of this is the re-emergence of these beings - it is overdue! 

THE ANCIENT ENEMY THAT DWELLS BENEATH THE WORLD:  My great grandfather tried to teach my mother and her siblings the old ways of the Apache.

One time, he told her of a secret war that lasted for countless generations. This war is against a race of underground dwellers that surfaces roughly every 40 yrs. It took shamans with powerful medicine and skin walkers' might to drive them away. These underground invaders are extremely hard to kill. The only description that she could translate was they are white skin (pale), have sharp claws and come out of the ground very hungry. 

The creatures send scouts up to see if it is safe to feed on humans and anything else they could find. If the scouts did not return, they wouldn't send the larger group up to feed. But if the scouts returned that meant that man has forgotten them.

My great grandfather fought them before. He was getting ready to fight them again when he was telling her the story. He was over eighty at the time and told her that there are few left who knows the ancient enemy cycles. 

He said that one of their exit points is near Post, Texas. Where the ground is red. Does he mean red sediments? He said there are signs of there presence in the areas they hunt. You got to have the knowledge to recognize them. 

Later that day, a group of other Native Americans came to the house and he went with them. Weeks later, he came back and told her that they were successful. He worried “Who will help the next generation be ready for the arrival of the Ancient Enemy?” That was over forty years ago.

Legend speaks of the skinwalkers first appearing to fight these underground beings. There was also mention of an iron eagle (spaceship?) that was ridden to that world. 

The movies "Burrowers" and "The Descent" reminded me of this story a little bit. I wonder how many other tribes in the world have this enemy in there legends. 

I have also heard similar description from military sources. I was telling this to my friend. Then he told me a story as well. His is ex-military and was recruited by a 33 degree Freemason to be in the military. When in the service, he made many connections. He met one of the crew that made the tunnels for the military. They used the nuclear tunnelers that turned the earth into glass. When making the glass tunnels, they would hit caves. There was enough molten glass to cover the cave openings. In some cases it saved their asses. The creatures would rush the thick glass windows. It was thick enough to hold them back. So, if you are one of maintenance crews who takes care of the tunnels, you can see the creatures stare at you through the thick glass like in a zoo. This means that all their underground bases are under threat of being overrun by these pale creatures.


Interestingly, this story has many elements found in other stories. There are accounts from Missouri and from Germany in cave systems that civilians have run across reptoids in the tunnels. There are stories of the military holding onto the cave system in Death Valley where ancient giants might still dwell. 

There are Native people of North Dakota and Wisconsin both who admit that there were other giant people there long before their people arrived and they were aggressive and flesh-eating. 

There are a great deal of concerns about the military having underground bases from Sedona to Bradshaw Mountains in AZ to other states and locations. 

Is this part of an understanding there is something we cannot contain beneath the earth or perhaps an ongoing study?

In 1899, Frederick Spencer Oliver published "A Dweller on Two Planets,"which claimed that survivors from a sunken continent called Lemuria were living in or on Mount Shasta. Oliver's Lemurians lived in a complex of tunnels beneath the mountain and occasionally were seen walking the surface dressed in white robes.

There are lots of reports of underground beings in legends of people around the world: Indian "Nagas" (holy and able to fly), Chinese "Asuras" (demons), "Xibalba" of the Mayans (A civilization that supposedly vanished around the Middle Ages), "Hades" to the Greeks, Tuatha De Danaan to Irish (they went underground). Nearly every culture has underground tales and then there is the giant tale of Hollow Earth - another planet within ours.

The Hopi have a legend of ant people, taking them underground and helping them to survive during times of cataclysm. 

Interestingly, almost all tribes have ancient drawings of some very odd figures with "antennae" looking things on their heads. Were they encountering these underground terrorists? Might the ancient giants, who were miners and often lived in caves, reported with white skin and red and blond hair, possibly be some owner of deeper domains? 

Were the moon-eyed people reported by the Cherokee also these mole people? And, might something be missing from the skulls of ancient giants? Some sort of cutaneous horns that were cartilage or keratin that dissolved over time and one thing we are missing about these ancients is horn-like protrusions?

We can conjecture all day about whether ancient giants and these reported beings from underground existed and if they were related, but one thing is for sure, Native People tell legends and carry them down quite meticulously in order to retain every detail for generations and generations as part of their very knowledge of the world. I would regard such a report with a degree of reality and that part would be interesting to mete out. 

Expect me to continue a little study on this interesting area, coincidentally upon the 33rd parallel, the same location of many other very interesting oddities around the world. Even here in Arizona, where I live upon the 33rd parallel, we have the Casa Grande ruins, an astronomical building of an ancient people who disappeared. 

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