The Devil's Tramping Ground


Some locations come by their reputations honestly. The Devil's Tramping ground in the Harper's Crossroads area of Bear Creek, North Carolina is one such location.

It is said this location predates the arrival of Europeans to America. The land in this spot has always been foul and withered, nothing growing upon it. 

Many passed around rumors that it was some kind of Indian spiritual ground that was sacred or cursed. 

The Department of Agriculture tested the soil back in 1946. What they found baffled most - the soil is sterile.

Some believe there might be a treasure buried there that keeps anything from growing upon it. 

It gets creepier when you go back to the 1930s, before talking Bigfoot existed. It was said a big black beast protected the ground and drove people off.

It gets weirder - 

A nearby rock has what looks like a small child's print in it. It was found in 1905 and named "The Devil's Footprint." 

Back in the 1880s, local natives supposedly would not go near it. 

Loads of treasure hunters and paranormal investigators are drawn to it. 

The location is definitely spooky and fascinating.