Thursday, August 19, 2021

Haunted Beaches


Beaches are hauntingly beautiful, but some beaches can be beautifully haunted. Here's just some fun haunted beaches.

Teach's Hole
Outer Banks, NC

This delicious legend says that when Blackbeard (Edward Teach) was beheaded, and his head and body tossed overboard, the head was still screaming and the body still swimming. People report that his ghost is seen in a cove on Ocracoke Island, a headless body swimming or walking the beach in search of his head by lantern light.

Haven Beach
Mobjack Bay, Virginia

Haven Beach is my favorite in Mobjack Bay area. It's in a beautiful quiet community, and a hidden jewel. But, it also has an interesting pirate history. Supposedly, a ghost pirate ship has been seen riding through the water, lights ablaze, going up onto the shore and into the Old House Woods. 

Those woods have become the talk of the region with legends of pirate ghosts digging for treasure, a conquistador in armor, a woman in white floating around in warning of coming storms....

Moss Beach Distillery
Moss Beach, California

Moss Beach Distillery has a reputation for a lady in blue wandering around the beach below after being killed for her affair over 70 years ago. The bar reported glasses breaking, objects moving, being slammed and other poltergeist activity. The location was ripped apart for having some rigged ghostly mechanics in the bar, but many legitimate investigators say that there is a genuine haunting there, as well. If anything, a gorgeous location and a wonderful mystique.

Beach Art 

I am admittedly sea and sky obsessed

As an artist, I am focused on sky and the reaction of the landscape and objects/people below in response to it. I have always been a sand between my toes kind of girl.

Here's some of the oil paintings I've done. 

Here's some pics of my favorite lighthouse (featured in my book "Vacationing With Ghosts." Newpoint-Comfort lighthouse (took these while out on a boat trek in my childhood summer home area)

Some beach romance for when you can't visit one - 


The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
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Goosebumps "Ghost Beach" episode
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