Exciting New Bigfoot Book! "The Owl Moon Lab: A Paranormal Experiment" by Tobe Johnson


I get excited when there is a novel new approach to studying the paranormal. I am also desperate for some good Halloween-mood reading. Being laid up from being able to do field work, I am appreciating catching up on what's going on out there. 

As a Bigfoot researcher and an urban explorer, I have run into loads of researchers who come across abandoned places and find evidence of Bigfoot, but few decide to document it in many forms for the public to access immediately and drop deep into the research as if one of the team. Congratulations Tobe Johnson for an off-the-charts approach to sharing evidence of the Tall Ones! 

Description of "The Owl Moon Lab: A Paranormal Experiment" by Tobe Johnson 

A book that not only takes you into the world of a clan of Sasquatch residing beside a haunted homestead, but a true account that plunges you down the rabbit hole of paranormal.

The Owl Moon Lab book is fully immersive for the reader to relive as an interactive audio, video companion.

With over 40 attached links inserted into the pages, you can read along with immediate access to this strange tale. Hear, see and feel the incredible evidence that Sasquatch IS connected to the paranormal.
Hear never before suspected Sasquatch vocalizations and language.
See the historic track finds of presumed Sasquatch tracks, handprints, hair collection, DNA collection, and the casting of the Owl Moon Knee Impressions.
Hear crystal clear EVPS.
Watch and listen to eyewitnesses testimony of the landowners, Darrell and Cindy Adams.

This saga of the supernatural will surely challenge the typical narrative that Sasquatch is strange enough. Not hardly!

If you are curious about Bigfoot and want to experience evidence as if you are a field researcher sifting through findings, and if you want to put yourself in a spooky setting in the autumn season, this is a delicious escape!