Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Review "Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" S2 Ep9


Researcher Dennis Guern and I will be giving our opinions on this episode of our favorite show, "Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on History Channel. 

Spoiler alert: We will reveal some plot line. 

Dennis and I have gone over the findings thus far and come to some ideas of what might be going on -

One idea is the ancient meteorite strike leaving lots of rare earth elements in the ground, causing machinery to go haywire and the metal detector to be confused. We would love to see them heat up some of that dark soil from 100 feet and see if it turns to metal in a crucible ("The Mystery of Blind Frog Ranch") as it is so close to that ranch. 

Dennis brings up that the Zone of Silence in Mexico. It is known as a meteorite strike magnet - more than should be expected anywhere. What is going on underground to draw meteorites almost magnetically?

Likely the same cavern system running through Blind Frog Ranch is running under Skinwalker Ranch, creating similar issues. We looked it up when researching Ancient Giants and found loads of metals, oil, and rare earth elements in the Unita area. That is one rich geologic region!

Another possibility Dennis and I hold is a very ancient advanced culture that could have obliterated itself with a nuclear or even more devastating technology, created some of the vitrification found in areas of India and Scotland and other places around the world, as well as obliteration of the dinosaurs. 

Perhaps what they are seeing at 100 feet are the vitrified remains of an ancient advanced culture's technology center. Should a culture be so advanced as to make rockets or aircraft, they could have gone off-planet to the closest safe place - the moon (UFOs) or undersea (USOs). 

It's extremely farfetched, but many things seem to line up if we look at it the seeming impossibility of travel hundreds of light years. When we look at the Paiute's legend of the Hav-Musuvs being advanced people who eventually built metallic air craft when water dried up in Death Valley (BTW - great mining area) and other Native People reporting "star people," it begins to look like whatever this ancient culture harvested here, if they still exist they want to keep tapping their source. 

Now, on to last night's episode - 

The team decides to check the space in the air about a mile above the ranch by shooting off a rocket.

The son and grandson of Junior Hicks (long-term researcher of UFO and strange creature documentation in the area), brought some of his documents to share with the caretakers at the ranch to shed more light on witness accounts. This confirmed many of the things they had seen at the ranch having been seen as long ago as the 1960s.

This time, they decided to launch a rocket with higher reach and payload with all the meters they need to evaluate the triangulated convergence area above the ranch.

One rocket was shot off, appeared to do its job gathering data and when it landed, a recovery team picked it up. 

A third rocket went up and as it began to descend, they noted a UAP in the same location as it showed itself the last rocket launch in the first season. 

One of the rocket technicians, Dave, had goosebumps and hairs rose up on his body. But, a true professional, he was ready to go back and launch another one. 

They shot off a bigger rocket and with an awesome payload including a signal sweeper to put out signals and see what happens. 

Travis was seeing insane electromagnetic signals on the analyzer. Then, the analyzer shut down, just like the monitors shut down during the Tesla coil experiment a week prior, as if something didn't want them analyzing.

Another rocket shot up gave the most shocking results - it went missing!  While the other rockets easily came back to earth and were retrieved, this one simply couldn't be seen again. Then, it showed up. But, when it fell to earth, Dave again had hairs on arms and legs stand on end and an odd pulsing inside his body. They took him down off the mesa.

The next day, Brandon showed up to review the findings. They showed him the UAP that was captured on surveillance video. But, as they replayed the nighttime rocket launch, something odd showed up on the video, something falling from that area.

They ultimately decide they need more time up in that area, need a helicopter to go up there and measure. Brandon gives his okay and support. 


In the field, consider having a meter to measure electromagnetic radiation 

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