Paranormal Investigation Equipment You May Not Thought Of For Ghosts, Bigfoot, UFO Hunting


Finger Ring Lights 

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There are sometimes items you never considered for the hunt, but once you acquire them, you can't live without them. Here's some -

Hat that shields EMF, microwave and 5G
Don't let yourself be harmed by frequencies that could harm you.

This allows you to shield from EMF and it's a nice one to test an audio recorder inside of to see if it still records a voice when there can be zero radio signals picked up.

I have used these for years. Love them. easy to tap on and off, and leaves your hands free from holding a light.

Plug it into your digital recorder, does a great job of capturing EVPs better than built-in mics.

Temperature changes that might show location of ghosts or Bigfoot.

A must-have for UFO and Bigfoot research.

I use mine for all the different kinds of investigations - Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, even rockhounding. Dozens of pockets so you don't carry any cases or bags. If you keep the equipment in the same pockets all the time, when you leave a site, can pat the pockets and know what is missing.


  1. * Dress in White
    * Wear more Perfume than normal


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