Monday, July 26, 2021

Halloween Animatronics on Amazon


Halloween animatronics have become the new must-have in autumn

I thought I'd review a sampling of the offerings, all found on Amazon (links provided). 

the night crawler

Nightcrawlers are creepy things. They found their way into paranormal shows when captured supposedly on video -

It does leap out which is always the creep factor. I really like that this one is a fresh creature we haven't seen before.


I really like this one because I adore cemeteries and there is something creepy about a sweet little girl with a teddy bear hanging out in a graveyard.  She has a fairly spooky voice and speech and if you do an outdoor graveyard setup, she's a dream. I love this one!

This fella is found on Amazon. I have to admit I thought I was tired of clowns, but this one is really disturbing in a scary way. The screams, the voice, the motions are ideal if you really want to unsettle your visitors/guests. This one is badass disturbing. 

This animatronic found on Amazon is my all-time favorite because there is nothing more mechanical and iconic on Halloween than MM and his movements. Being life-sized it gives you that spook effect like, "is that an animatronic or is MM really going to pop out after impersonating a mechanical figure?" You know those haunted attractions where you run from the chainsaw guy even though you know it's a fake and a 2-stroke scent is added for effect. You can't help thinking, "what if this time a guy really loses it and uses a real one?"  This is my #1 favorite of all time and I'd probably keep him up in a corner of my home year-round.


Some factors to consider when choosing animatronics - 

there are always trends in Halloween decor, but lots of them become obnoxious and burned out over time (aka zombies and clowns), so consider how long you can live with a 100-500 dollar investment. 

realistic vibe
these things can have horrid coloring that throws them off, or perfectly neat clothing when they should be tattered. Maybe the eyes are off or the expression is not scary but cartoonish. Check the realistic vibe or it becomes more of a joke people laugh at as they pass it by instead of truly being spooked.

some of these repeat so much you need to turn the volume off. They can get super annoying. You want enough dialogue that if it repeats you don't go mad and enough mad laughter but not nonstop. Find the in between that won't annoy everyone. 

thematic compliance
consider something that fits in with your overall decor. If you do graveyards, find guys that fit in perfectly. If you do clowns, don't put a Michael Myers among them. Just use them to take a theme and give it animation. 

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