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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Signs Everywhere

This is a series on Ghost Hunting Theories chronicling a present-day Sasquatch experiment utilizing techniques employed by the researcher over a decade ago in a completely different location at an habituation site.

Today, the researcher's ongoing study is being performed in an urban setting in the southern half of the US, hundreds of miles from the original site and the results are amazingly similar. During the series, I will be sharing the evolution of these experiments and their results from his journal.

For earlier installments go to THIS LINK.

Report #20 with 55 photos plus map photo for Tuesday February 2, 2021 Regional National Forest hike of 2 main trail sections plus Forest Service Road (FSR) hike.

I left home at approximately 8:15am and arrived at the trailhead parking at 9:35am. After gearing up etc, I started hiking at 9:55am. By 11:30am, I had arrived at the end of this section of the trail and retraced my steps back to the parking area before 2pm. After a short rest and eating lunch, I went to another shorter section to hike. By 3pm, I finished with this 2nd part of today's hike. These 2 hikes covered approximately 8 miles. The following photos 1-32 covers observations on these 2 hikes.

Photos 1-32: I'm walking east on the trail.

#1. and 

#2. 9:55am----my vehicle at the trailhead parking.

#3. and #4. 10am----breakover along the trail north side.

#5. and #6. 10:04am----breakover on the trail south side

#7. 10:11am----breakovers aways from the trail

#8. 10:14am----low breakover again aways from the trail south side.

#9. 10:14am----breakover, leaner on the north side of the trail.

#10. 10:20am----another leaner, north side of the trail.

#11. and #12. 10:23am----on the south side of the trail, this nice clearing under the trees.

#13. 10:33am, #14., #15., #16., #17. 10:34am----low breakover along the trail on the south side, very twisted.

#18. 10:38am----arch/bow over the trail as I approach from the west

#19. 10:40am----arch/bow off the trail south side.

#20. and #21. 10:43am----high bow off the trail on the north side. close and far photos.

#22. 10:44am----breakovers leaning in different directions. Off the south side of the trail.

#23. 10:52am and #24. 10:53am----2 views of a small leaning limb as a 'X' laid into a small crook of a small tree.

#25. 11:03am----possible blind along the trail.

#26. 11:04am----side trail off the main trail.

#27. 11:11am

#28. 11:12am

#29. 11:13am

#30. 11:13am----area being logged and logging road seen both north and south directions, cutting through the main hiking trail.

#31. 11:18am----'Y' log jammed between a tree 3'-5' off the ground. South side of the trail.

#32. 11:18am----in the upper left of the photo, the 'Y' log has been broken over onto the tree.

Photos 33-41 (below) covers another hiking section plus the parking area. I also show some unusual items seen off the main area FM highway.

#33. 2pm----2 large limbs as an 'X' across this section of the trail.

#34. 2pm----an old breakover along the trail.

#35. 2:43pm----a tree broke over the trail, blocking it.

#36. 3:03pm----at the parking area, this group of chickens were hanging out around the truck in view. they were there when I started this hike and still there on my return. Curious and interesting.

#37. 3:15pm

#38. 3:15pm

#39. 3:16pm

#40. 3:17pm

#41. 3:18pm----as I was leaving the main trail parking area and out on the highway, I noticed several unusual items along the road. A tree broke over with plastic containers on the limbs and a plastic cup jammed through a limb. Then a 2nd smaller bush or tree with a container upside down on a broken limb.

I've seen this done before in these Texas areas ( Pat Mayse Lake, Cooper Lake, Lake O' the Pines).
I moved on to a 3rd area of hiking north of the main trail in another area. This includes photos 42-55.

It was getting later in the day. I decided to hike this particular FSR trail and check for the "BF' sign in this location. There was plenty. Off both sides of the trail in the immediate woods there were breaks, pushovers, leaners, 'X' structures, arches/bows. I arrived at this FSR gate around 3:45pm. The temperature was 64/sunny with the wind blowing from the west at 5mph. It had been an awesome hiking day.

Here are photos 42-55 from the hike:

#42. 4:25pm----a combination of breakovers and bows in this particular location.

#43. 4:27pm----breakover with limb placed across it. This near a motorcycle trail in this area.

#44. 4:30pm----breakover off the trail on the east side.

#45. 4:30pm----a small tree breakover deep in the woods.

#46. 4:37pm----I was on the FSR trail looking back to my vehicle to the south.

#47. 4:37pm----I was on the trail looking ahead to the north.

#48. 4:48pm, 

#49. 4:49pm

#50. 4:49pm

#51. 4:49pm----As I'm hiking the trail it bends to the right and takes me up onto a ridge. on top, I see that it's a pipeline right-of-way (ROW). It looks like a freeway through the wilderness area. It goes NW to SE. I stay here for a while then hike back to my parking spot. I return to my vehicle then hike some along the motorcycle path which cuts through the FSR trail west to east. The last 4 photos shows 'BF' sign along that trail.

#52. 5:07pm-----an arch/bow as an 'X' structure next to the motorcycle trail to the lefft of my parking spot.

#53. 5:07pm-----a closer view

#54. 5:08pm-----the base of both trees.

#55. 5:14pm----an arch/bow over the motorcycle trail.

One more interesting item - I decided to stay for a while to do knocks, whistles, vocals. I got my chair and sat in this spot until dark. I had my meal and just rested for the time being. Just before dark I did some knock on one of the metal signs near the gate. It resounded loudly throughout the immediate area. I did some whistles and howls. I did this all, really expecting nothing to happen. I was standing by vehicle when all of sudden a long, loud howl then barks was directed at me from approximately 50 yards or less. It was close. I was stunned. I was curious but I was solo. I made the quick decision to load up my chair etc. and move on. It just didn't feel right. I was armed but still didn't feel I should stay and try to interact with whatever. This forest has possible 'Dogman' creatures. So one needs to be careful out here. So, I headed home. Glad to be in one piece.

This concludes report  20 for Tuesday February 2, 2021 55 photos Regional National Forest (RNF)

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