"Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" Reviewed - Episode S2 Ep7

Sorry I missed a review of last week's amazing episode, but I was in happy Sedona, Arizona on a much-needed vacay, enjoying the magnificent outdoors.

SPOILER ALERT - We will be sharing plot details. 

This week's episode made for a great opportunity for researcher Dennis Guern and I to review. 

Dennis recently had an incident on the extraterrestrial highway that we are going to share on the blog very soon. It is a very baffling and somewhat terrifying event. 

On this episode, after Brandon's proclamation that they must be aggressive surveying what's under the ground, the drilling company arrived and Thomas jumped aboard an excavator.

The team broke up into groups and attacked different areas. 

One team took the drilling unit and set out to dig 100 feet. They found water, put in a casing to keep from collapsing it, and continued to drill. But, as they drilled, Eric's spectrum analyzer looking at electromagnetic waves started to make artificial patterns as if someone was guiding the signal.

A flip over the rock the Sherman's said not to dig at, revealed an interesting petroglyph possibly of a thunderbird with antennae it looked like. But, under the earth there, nothing of interest.

A trek over to the cattle mutilation area where the officer reported some kind of craft appeared to have landed, Travis found a raised round area. Thomas excavated a trench there and Travis deployed the metal tape measure into the hole to find it magnetic.  He pondered if it might be an electric current doing it.

They dug at the where the cow died last season. Once again, a magnetic reaction from the tape measure in the hole.

Readings at the cow death site showed rise in gamma rays and magnetic field which should have been zero showed continuous.

Travis's compass went crazy and pointed due north at the drilling unit.

Travis and Kaleb joined the others at the drill site to see the oddities on the spectrum analyzer. Compasses began to go nuts. 

At almost 100 feet, the drill was bringing up some black debris. They thought it could be Gilsonite, a product from the crashing of a meteorite.

They tried to light it up to see if it was petroleum based as the area has oil drilling units all over. But, nope!

With an inspection of the components of the material, it was found that there was (drum roll please, something Dennis and I have talked about extensively), the materials used to make today's modern electronics were in it. These rare earth elements are something we have talked about before and are glad they confirmed. 

This left us with the interesting question of what these elements underground might do for the electronics and even humans above ground, and also why this area might be very interesting to those seeking components for high technology....