Review: "A Walk on the Weird Side in Nebraska" by Harriett McFeely

I had a real treat getting a chance to read Harriett McFeely's book, A Walk on the Weird Side in Nebraska.

This very interesting author is also the curator at the Bigfoot Crossroads Of America Museum in Hastings, Nebraska. 

Harriett's book offers some highly unusual and interesting cases of mysteries and unexplained encounters, offering some contributions by well-known names in the field of Bigfoot research such as MK Davis, Don Monroe, and Igor Burtsev. 

The evidence and beautiful color photos make this a fascinating curl-up-in-your-chair-and-escape medium. Sketches, newspaper clippings, and more create a visual feast. I found myself wanting to dive into the explanations for what I was seeing. 

If it's unusual and not known to the general public, you will find it here.

This was a really fun adventure that reminded me of some my favorites for weird info - Atlas Obscura and Weird US, except Harriett found encounters, oddities, and mysteries that are being revealed here for the first time. 

Harriett McFeely has provided a fantastic book with tons of info that is a definite keeper on my precious research shelf! 


NOTE:  Being a most kind and considerate curator, Harriett is asking for donations to help make the museum's garden handicapped accessible for patrons who may not be able to get out into the woods to investigate but would like to have the experience. Please send a donation if you can and help everyone enjoy the mysteries of the great outdoors!  LINK TO DONATE