Review: "Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" S2 Ep8

Well, it's another exciting episode of "Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on History Channel.

Researcher Dennis Guern and I will share our thoughts on this one. We will try not to give away too many plot spoilers.

The team decided to check the ground at Homestead 2 to see if it had some sort of conductivity When they wired it up to test it, they made sure the circuits were open so the only thing between them was the earth. They had surprising reads on their meters.

Eric had a great idea to test a flashlight on the lines.  But as they manipulated the connections, his lightning strike meter went off each time they manipulated the connections. When he hooked up the flashlight - bingo - it lit!

They pondered the area as a possible ancient civilization or alien power storage area. 

Then, Travis had a great idea to test a Tesla coil on the land. Interestingly, Tesla went to Colorado long ago to test the earth as a source for free energy. This was getting very interesting!

The team brought Brandon in to advise him on their results and plans. Travis wanted to bring in the biggest Tesla coil he could to drive electrical into the ground, stimulate it, and see what phenomena occurs. The land, it would seem, acts as a giant natural charging station for electrical. The question is - natural accident or intended design?

One thing Dennis and I have enjoyed about the way this season is unfolding is that the team is cool with going whatever way the evidence takes them. 

We find a lot of times in examining the unexplained, researchers go in with a set belief about what it is, and they  bend the evidence or focus it to the conclusion they've made. We both believe you don't bend evidence to support your pre-existing belief, but you let the evidence form the conclusion. 

The Tesla coils were brought in - a big one and a little one to cover all frequencies. The team decided to set them up at the  triangle and start with the small one first to be sure it was safe. They handed out fluorescent bulbs and put them in the ground. As human bodies are conductors, they wondered if the bulbs would light. When the machine went on - YUP! The bulbs all lit up, including the ones they held. 


Dennis and I wanted to give kudos to the team - 

Eric is studied over a wide range of scientific and technical arenas and open-minded and curious. 
Travis brings a direction given his wide range of scientific and technical knowledge, being used to creating experiments.
Tom has been a centering and determined hand in getting things done, while giving a great perspective on it all.
Dragon has been a touchstone for the team, a very curious mind, and a protective security officer.
Kaleb has offered an openness to the experiments while keeping a strong watch on things. 
The caretakers (Kandus and Tom) have been brave and serene in the middle of utter chaos, remembering it is also an active ranch that needs supervision.
Brandon has offered opportunity and means to investigate the ranch while offering the team the open field to explore.


The team set up to run the bigger Tesla coil and the meters went nuts across the spectrum. When the coil was turned off, it continued, so some other source on the ranch was stimulating it. The coil could not produce that frequency. It was as if the lower frequencies moved to higher frequency in the MHz range, something the coil could not do. 

Could something intelligent being doing this? 

During a storm, Travis filmed it with his cell phone and watched as the lightning was constantly flickering. However, Eric's camera on the mesa area showed no lightning at all. While reviewing it, they found a black thing on both cameras that was sort of falling in the sky and then zig zagging at incredible speeds, leaving a trail behind it. It hovered a moment and then streaked off.

The team decided it was time to update Brandon.

Dennis and I both say that we really enjoyed this episode and the way the team is going at the phenomena. They are a great combo to work on this puzzle and the show is unbelievably addictive as we armchair nerds ponder the riddle too!

After discussing with Brandon, the team decided that the next obvious plan of attack is to check out the area above the ranch, as this thing in the sky was over the triangle. They plot out to set off rockets and check it out. And, members ponder the fact that the more they investigate this phenomenon, the more they are convinced something intelligent is behind it.