Plan a UFO-Themed Evening


Hey, the season is good. The weather is fine. A little stargazing is in order. But, if you're like me, you know the sky is a great canvas to look for UFOs as well as constellations. 

Plan a fun evening with UFO themes. It's a sure way to make everyone want to stay home that night.

On the docket, start your night with a pizza with everything on it. Call it the Constellation Pizza or Galaxy Pizza.


Make an alien autopsy cake

I've made these a few times for my son when he was growing up. On his 11th birthday his invitation read, "Alex is turning 11 and feeling a little alien-ated." His buddies were excited for the alien theme. 

A round cake pan and a long cookie sheet that has sides is all you need. 

I used red velvet cake mix, but any color is fun. 

The round cake pan  you cut into the classic pointed chin alien big head shape. The big long pan,you cut in half. One half is the body. The other half you cut into 4 limbs. 

I used white frosting with a drop of each of the 4 colors in the food coloring kit so it made a gray tone. For the huge eyes, I melted dark chocolate and spread it on. 

Each piece of the body, I took dental floss and sawed in half lengthwise to make two layers. 

Between the layers I used a whipped cream mixed with vanilla pudding and colored fluorescent green. I added gummy worms. 

To top off the presentation, I covered a cardboard piece with tin foil and the body atop of it. I gave the person who was cutting it a scalpel and a mask. 

Next, it's time to watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind! You might consider hanging a sheet outside up against the house and projecting the movie so you're out under the dark night sky seeing it....

This one comes with a 100" projector screen - 

When the movie ends, consider heading out back with some comfy lounge chairs or rockers and sit back and star gaze. If there's a lot of you there, have everyone sit in a circle, facing outward so each part of the sky is being watched.

Play some 80s hair band metal....



Guns and Roses

Def Leppard

Van Halen

Quiet Riot


Motley Crue

If you do run into something, be sure to go to the MUFON site and fill out the form. Take note of time, movement, shape, color, angle on the horizon, how many folks saw it, etc.