Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Top 5 Places to Run Into a Ghost


Back in 2009 I developed a haunted formula to judge how likely a location is to be haunted. There were certain characteristics that were in common in the 50 very reportedly haunted locations. 

Those items included: 

History of deaths (49 of 50 study's sites had this) 

Death and trauma at the location in its history

Nearby waterway (41 of 50 study's sites had this)

This involves moving water

Masonry or brick construction (43 of 47 study's sites had this - 3 locations weren't counted as they were not constructions)

Wood frame buildings were least haunted, but the exception was being located in a mining town. 

Over 50 years old (50 of 50 study's sites met this criteria) 

(incidentally found the majority of the 50 sites studied were near a railroad track - an often haunted location in forests and fields) 

Geology (top 4 geologic contents listed from most common first) 





With this formula, I could be called to a new possibly haunted location and get a sense of how many of these elements were there and the likelihood of haunting. 

If you want to encounter a ghost, I'd suggest the top 5 locations to run into one. 

Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Kentucky 

LaLaurie Mansion, Louisiana

St. Augustine Light Station, Florida

Ohio State Reformatory, Ohio 

There are a variety of features that these 5 above locations have that make them great targets. As well, they offer a variety of settings for a haunting to take place as well as greatly documented encounters on a regular basis.

Should you be searching for a location to have an encounter, keep in mind some of the common characteristics listed above. 

Happy hunting!



  1. I agree with your number one pick!! I have heard d rifle shots during the day on the battlefields! I I looked there was nobody around!

  2. I wonder how death and trauma causes ghostly appearance and hauntings? Everyone dies but not every place is haunted? Why torturing and miserable deaths are behind every haunted house? Why ghosts roam around those houses? I thought you will tell me but you are quite busy. Don't even see DMs.