The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Structure Finds


This is a series on Ghost Hunting Theories chronicling a present-day Sasquatch experiment utilizing techniques employed by the researcher over a decade ago in a completely different location at an habituation site.

Today, the researcher's ongoing study is being performed in an urban setting in the southern half of the US, hundreds of miles from the original site and the results are amazingly similar. During the series, I will be sharing the evolution of these experiments and their results from his journal.

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January 5, 2021

I returned to site 1 after just 2 days absence. 2 goals for this visit is 1) check out again the teepee structures found and the area to their rear, 2) check any recent, quick activity at the pipes, mid-site and the main interaction site.

I arrived first at parking area #3 nearest to the structures. 3:45pm. Temperature: 72, cloudy. The wind SE 10mph. The treat items for site 1 includes: 1 jar with dates, figs, raisins, dried apricots. One ziploc bag with an orange, apple and banana.

The following for the afternoon was observed and noted. Photos 1-16 are related to the found tree structures and that particular area.

Photos 1-16:

#1. 3:57pm----first structure east to west view.

#2. 3:58pm----first structure south to north view. Plus the bike-hike trail in the near background.

#3. 3:58pm----first structure west to east view.

#4. 3:58pm----first structure north to south view.

#5. 3:59pm----approximately 3'-4' on the northside of the structure this possible footprint impression was found. My cap is on the ground for a comparison. To me it looks like a left foot, 15''-5"-4''.

#6. 3:59pm----a view in relation to the structure northside base.

#7. 4:01pm----second structure north to south view.

#8. 4:02pm----second structure east to west view.

#9. 4:02pm----second structure south to north view. Again, the bike-hike trail in the background.

#10. 4:02pm----second structure west to east view.

As related previously, the first structure is less detailed than the second. The second is far more intricate with weaving, more detail etc. I wonder if there was a competition etc between 2 of the 'BF'. If so, the 2nd is the obvious winner. With the 2nd structure, it is mostly to the rear of the tree. The tree is as a base for the structure with a high broken limb coming to the ground. The added limbs, sticks etc. are anchored to that large limb and the tree . Looks awesome to me!

#11. 4:07pm----I put this ground sticks glyph on the northside of structure 2. We'll see if there's a response.

#12. 4:08pm----a closer view of structure 2 NW side. Tight weaving etc. of limbs.

#13. 4:11pm----to south of the structures approximately 50 yards, this swampy area. This is back through the trees.

#14. 4:11pm----another direction of the swampy area.

#15. 4:21pm----I went over to a further area SW of the structures to do a small structure. I added vertical limbs around this tree, west side. I personally have no patience etc to do a detailed, intricate stacking and weaving of limbs and sticks. This is not for me.

#16. 4:21pm---- my vertical stacking on the east side. My hat is off to the tree structure makers.

This concludes my visit to the structures . This is approximately 100 yards past the 1.75 miles marker, off the southside of the trail. I'm now heading to the main area. I'm driving to parking area #1.
The pipes:

#17. 5:01pm----I arrive at the pipes set-up area.There's a low break on a small tree that has been in front of the 2 pipes since I ve been coming here. ?????

#18. 5:01pm----the broken tree limb is a 'Y' branch/limb. ???? It was found leaning against the vine in the photo in front of the pipes.????

#19. 5:01PM----I put 3 long broken limbs found near the pipes and put them in this position, parallel on the pipes.

#20. 5:02pm----I put a smaller limd vertical in front of the opening of the pipe seen. This behind the vine and the broken 'Y' branch/limb.

#21. 5:02pm----the peanut butter and grape jelly treats have not been opened etc.

At mid-ste:

#22. 5:05pm----this tall log has been leaned against this group of small tree branches and limbs. ???? The log was not up and leaning my last visit.

The main site;

#23. 5:08pm----items are scattered all over the site.????

#24. 5:09pm----jars emptied of treats and left on the tires.????

#25. 5:09pm----more empty treat containers and lid on the ground near the tires stack.????

#26. 5:09pm----at this set-up, balls, etc. moved around.????

#27. 5:09pm----I reset up balls etc. I removed the yellow tent peg and clamp.

#28. 5:09pm----another side of the reset balls etc.

#29. 5:10pm----the 3 rocks have been removed from the treats bucket and on the ground under the bucket.????

#30. 5:10pm----this single, yellow painted rock is by itself.????

#31. 5:10pm----the white tire is sitting by itself.???? It was moved.????

#32. 5:17pm----on the water meter covers, stack, I placed the 2 hairy feet.

#33. 5:17pm----I added more items to this previous set-up. Rocks, kettle bell, toy soldiers, gourd, clamp and yellow tent peg.

#34. 5:17pm----a look from the backside of the new set-up.

#35. 5:18pm----werewolf mask and hand/claws, I hung on limbs.

#36. 5:18pm----in the treats bucket, I put a large rock on top of the treat items.

#37. 5:18pm----another view of the above.

#38. 5:18pm----I put the white tire on the tree crook and the yellow rock centered on the top of the tire and against the limb.

#39. 5:23pm----interesting ball found between the fork of this limb on the ground.?????

#40. 5:23pm----a wider view of the above ball and limb plus a hog rooting area.

Back at the pipes:

#41. 5:27pm----I spot painted the broken limb stump, the 'Y' branch/limb, and the vertical, single limb to the rear.

#42. 5:27pm----I spot painted the 3 parallel limbs that I put on top of the pipes here.

The grassy, ditch area outside the east treeline:

#43. 5:32pm----in the grass, near the path, a mini-snickers wrapper found.????

#44. 5:32pm----a longer photo of the above. the wrapper at the bottom of the photo. ???? The small path can be seen to the north towards the bridge and trail.

Off the trail, heading back to my vehicle:

#45. 5:44pm----I saw this leaning log earlier as I was heading to the pipes. It is interesting. ????

#46. 5:44pm----a closer photo. It is leaning towards the east approximately 4' off the trail. ????

This site 1 map is current

This concludes report 16 for Tuesday January 5, 2021. Site 1.