Monday, May 10, 2021

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Something is Hungry

This is a series on Ghost Hunting Theories chronicling a present-day Sasquatch experiment utilizing techniques employed by the researcher over a decade ago in a completely different location at an habituation site.

Today, the researcher's ongoing study is being performed in an urban setting in the southern half of the US, hundreds of miles from the original site and the results are amazingly similar. During the series, I will be sharing the evolution of these experiments and their results from his journal.

For earlier installments go to THIS LINK.

This report starts a new year of investigations at my local sites and the regional national forest. This is the 7th year in this one particular location. when I go and put out items for interaction, it's on-going. Even when I stop going to the location for many months, it picks back up after my presence is known. I'm drawn to the intrigue and mystery of it all. It still continues to be fascinating. What follows is the first report for the new year. Just a reminder. At the end of a comment, if I suspect 'BF' related activity etc., I always add multiple question marks.

Sunday January 3, 2021 
Site 1 visit with 32 photos

I arrived at my regular parking location at 1:31pm. Temperature 68 and sunny. Wind blowing SSW at 9 mph.

At 1:54pm I arrive at the treeline entry. I moved on to the deep site. It takes me 6 minutes to get there.

#1. 2:07pm---entering the site, at the left side of the small tree, the blue painted bone has been removed from the crook and is now at the base of the small tree. ????

#2. 2:08pm---the camp chair was moved to the left of the water meter cover's stack. ????

#3 thru #5. 
2:13pm---a look at all sides. the 4 balls on the water meter covers have been rearranged slightly. The faces on the balls are not as they were placed previously. ????

#6 and #7. 2:16pm---a branch/limb is on the ground approximately 2.5 feet from the above water meter cover's set-up. ???? Previously, I had removed all branches and limbs from the center of the set-up site. Also notice the small dream-catcher on the ground under the limb.????

#8. 2:25pm thru #21. 
2:44pm---all these photos relate to the bucket with food and sweet treats. The treats have been taken, wrappers scattered over the area. 3 glass containers were now outside the bucket on the ground. 2 glass containers were still in the bucket, just empty. 1 plastic container, I couldn't find in the immediate area. 1 rock from the bucket was now on the ground below the bucket. 2 rocks remain in the bucket. The orange peel was found on the ground behind the painted blue tire. I found jar #6 approximately 60' west of the site. ????

#22. 3:05pm thru #32. 
3:11PM----setups. Chair with ball's bucket , tire hub, blue bone & dream catcher. Tire's stack with a jar inside. Rocks under the food bucket. Yellow rock by itself near the white tire. Toy water gun horizontally on crooks. Freshly painted rocks. Bag used to store paint cans.

No slowing down of the site activity. This concludes today's visit. I leave the site after 3:11pm.

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