The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Not a Peanut Butter Fan?


This is a series on Ghost Hunting Theories chronicling a present-day Sasquatch experiment utilizing techniques employed by the researcher over a decade ago in a completely different location at an habituation site.

Today, the researcher's ongoing study is being performed in an urban setting in the southern half of the US, hundreds of miles from the original site and the results are amazingly similar. During the series, I will be sharing the evolution of these experiments and their results from his journal.

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Monday January 18, 2021 
Site 1 

I arrived at the parking area around 10:44am. The temperature was 64 and partly cloudy. The wind from the SE 11 mph.

From my car along the trail before the .25 mile maker, the possible weaving of limbs and sticks.???? 


#1- #3. This is approximately 10' on the south side of the trail.

#1. 11:01am

#2. 11:02am

#3. 11:02am

I made it to the cedar tree entry.

#4. 11:18am----the tennis ball I had left in the cedar tree is now on the ground near the tree base.????

#5. 11:18am----a different look from a few steps back.????

#6. 11:19am----I put the tennis ball back on the tree. I add horizontal and vertical limbs. I put a plastic piece above the vertical limb.

I moved on over to the pipes.

#7. 11:24am----inside the top pipe, the peanut butter container was on its side and the lid has been removed but no peanut butter taken. ???? The end wrap cover is still in place. ???? A small stick is between the jar and lid.????

#8. 11:25am----the jelly jar lid is at the front end of the pipe.???? It was blocked in the previous photo by the vine in front of the pipe opening.

#9. 11:27am----looking from the opposite end of the pipe South to North. ????

#10. 11:30am----I put the lid back on the peanut butter then put the jar on a crook of the bush/tree along the path to mid-site.

#11. 11:30am----the backside of the peanut butter jar.

On the path to my mid-site area.

#12. 11:34am----this tall vertical limb was found in the middle of my travel path. ???? Behind this limb is a group of limbs together. This is new ?????

#13. 11:37am----another thin, leaning limb. This has been newly placed.????

#14. 11:40am----more new limbs etc. horizontal, vertical, leaning. ????

I'm at the main set-ups site.

#15. 11:52am----the water gun toy has been removed from its horizontal position in a bush to this spot on the ground at the base crook seen.????

#16. 11:52am----set-up messed with.????

#17. 11:53am----backside view of the same messed with set-up.????

#18. 11:53am----red rock near the tree base of the blue tire. ???? It's also inside the "Y" sticks layout????

#19. 11:53am----another angle of the red rock. ????

#20. 11:54am----empty treat jars.???? wrappers.???? Werewolf costume hands on the ground.???? Werewolf mask upside down on limb.????

#21. 11:54am----another view of the werewolf costume hands on the ground.????

#22. 11:54am----a closer view of the werewolf costume mask.????

#23. 11:54am----closer view of empty treats jar.????

#24. 11:55am----a different empty treats jar with the lid on the ground.????

#25. 11:55am----torn open ziploc treats bag on the ground.????

#26. 11:56am----a possible right foot print. 16"-6"-4". ????? My cap on the ground beside it for a comparison.

#27. 12:01pm----the large rock still in the food bucket. The treats are put under the rock(s). The treats are usually removed and the rock(s) put back into the bucket.

#28. 12:04pm----the costume hairy feet have been moved around. ???? This one between the water meter cover stacks.????

#29. 12:04pm----this one on the fringe of the site.????

#30. 12:04pm----another view showing the costume hairy feet on the site fringe.????

#31. 12:44pm----I cleaned up the site and put items not being used for set-ups etc. at this central spot.

#32. 12:45pm----camp chair, chair storage bag, treats bucket.

#33. 12:45pm----I repainted the rocks seen here.
I left for parking area #3. I went to see the 2 teepee structures again. These are located between miles markers 1.75 and 2.0. The final 6 photos of the report shows the detailed, intricate weaving of the limbs and sticks. Mainly structure #2.

#34. 1:25pm

#35. 1:25pm

#36. 1:26pm

#37. 1:26pm

#38. 1:26pm

#39. 1:27pm

This concludes Report #18 for Monday January 18, 2021 Site 1 with 39 photos.