Secret of Skinwalker Ranch: S2, Ep2 on the History Channel


Yahoo! Season 2, episode 2 last night proves once again while History Channel totally gets its viewers, Brandon Fugal did an excellent job bringing info forward to the public and forming a team, and the production company putting this show together is a dream team. 


Researcher Dennis Guern and I are going to give you a recap and let y'all know what we liked and what we would advise as far as the ongoing research at Skinwalker Ranch goes....

The episode opened with the men discussing the incident at the end of the last episode. A strange light was seen that appeared rectangular and golden-orange glowing. 

Interestingly, Dennis and I saw such a thing in the sky we called a burning mail slot. It was seen twice here South of Phoenix by us. 

The men shined a light on it and it disappeared. 

When they headed back to the command center, something streaked across the sky. 

Brandon called it insidious and as if something was monitoring them. He suggested bringing in researcher Ryan Skinner, who had been studying the lands around the mesa for some time. In fact, he had an experience of a ball of light chasing him. 

Interestingly, I witnessed two similar balls of red orange light dancing around and appearing to try to interact with me and a friend in the desert years ago in the same area as the odd burning mail slot thing Dennis and I saw. 

Ryan took the team to a pictogram up on the mesa and Travis saw planetary alignments on it and what looked like the outline of the mesa in the scene. Ryan saw a triangle that reminded him of the past owners of the ranch who thought some lit things came out of a portal.

The team decides to talk to an expert on pictograms.

Meanwhile, the team is relieved at the arrival of Dr. Dean Taylor, a veterinarean. They wanted him to study the dead cow from last season, that was dragged to a remote part of the property, but no scavengers touched it for a year. 

Alan Garfunkel, anthropologist/archaeologist and glyph expert, had a look at the site. The rocks formed a great archaeoacoustic location that Native People would have chosen for its sound quality. The shapes, he believed showed a snake. Snakes are considered the guardians of portals to the paranormal. 

Travis points out that the constellation Draco is a serpent/snake.

Jim brought by the Hicks Family. Junior Hicks for many decades chased around the Uintah basin in his spare time as a science teacher, to document oddities and cattle mutilations. The family gave Travis a meticulous notebook of scientific documentation of these things. What a fantastic researcher Junior was! Bravo, Mr. Hicks!

Junior's daughter said she had been on the ranch with him and he showed a compass going wonky in one area of the ranch. She also mentioned a cattle mutilation Junior and she looked over that appeared to have its eyes and tail end removed surgically.

Then, Junior's granddaughter handed over a photo of unknown origin. This was a photo of some rods found in the field by the Bigelow team. They apparently couldn't be cut and were unusual. Bigelow took them with him and never returned them, scoffing that they were nothing.

Travis mentioned Meta Materials - ones that create energy in a different way than materials we utilize. 

A meeting with the veterinarean revealed the results of testing on the dead cow - and the tests were negative. This left the team quite puzzled.

And next episode, it appears there is lots of action on the ranch!


Dennis and I were pleased by this episode. There were wasn't a lot of para-evidence to witness, but there were some experts brought in which was necessary for outside viewpoints. More and more it appears that portals and what lies underground are going to be a big focus of this season. We wholeheartedly agree!


  1. Just one tiny little question.
    Why all the mysterious and weird things happen in the US? El chupa Cabra, La lachusa, UFOs, Alien Abductions, Teleportation, Portals, Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies, Psychos, Serial Killers etc etc etc.
    Reading, Watching, listening since childhood.

    1. That's a great question. This morning, I heard from a few people with lots of ghostly activity going on. Incidentally, one thing I've found is during geomagnetic storms we get a lot of paranormal activity. We are in a G3 storm right now. Americans are more likely to talk about it because our country is made up of so many people with so many faiths, belief systems, cultures - so we don't have a dominant culture that sets an example of being uncomfortable talking about these things. We also have some dynamics at play with our geology and seismology which appear to have some influence. There is also something else at play that I think we need to investigate - cavern systems. There is an abandoned prison in Pennsylvania called Eastern State Penn. They studied the ghostly activities there and realized that, given it's spoke-like hallways, when rain hit the roof, it created infrasound (sound lower than human hearing threshold), that would travel down these corridors and that would affect people with feelings of being watched, discomfort, and even seeing shapes and figures. Should you be on a continent with a large cavern system and earth's energies traveling these corridors, the side effects of this energy flow could affect human perception. On ghost investigations I have performed over the decades, if there was a geomagnetic storm going on, we had lots of active ghostly encounters. It's my supposition that the storms affect our pineal gland, making regular people suddenly more psychically sensitive and able to perceive activity. It's not that there are more ghostly things going on those nights, it's that the team can suddenly recognize activity that is always going on around. So we as humans are the ones being affected by the geomagnetic storm, not necessarily the paranormal aspects reacting to it. And, as I mentioned, Americans are a wide variety of folks who openly discuss such things and even seek them out as we have always been curious explorers and rather fearless about the unknown. Our Aussie cousins are much the same. We are countries built on pushing the limits.

  2. "Americans are wide variety of folks who openly discuss such things and seek them out". Curious explorers rather fearless about the unknown.
    + Geomagnetic Storms and G3.

    Is this the reason of all the paranormal activities, hauntings, ghosts, occult, Aliens and unsolved mysteries concentration in the US only? I didn't get the point.

    Even After all the extensive researches, experimentations, investigations, explorations, expeditions and debates still there are thousands of unsolved cases and mysteries.

    Why America being one of the great and advance powers of the world lacks in these particular fields of paranormal?

    1. There is no way yet to verify if the paranormal is something we can ever prove, measure, or affect. Right now, we can observe and look for patterns. 100% of the times I've done investigations and the team concluded it was a very active night, we had strong geomagnetic storms. It's my thought that perhaps our pineal glands are affected by the storms and we perceive the paranormal more easily. As a psychic, every night is active to me, but to my team who aren't psychics, they can finally perceive what's there on such nights. My conclusion is that the solar storms affect human minds to be better receivers of what is going on in a paranormal level. Believe me, if America thought we could protect the world, stop disease, grow more food by understanding the paranormal, we would be all over it. It is not a popular project to throw money at compared to more critical human needs. It is good to know that the government has admitted to chasing unknown aerial phenomenon and possesses off-planet made metals. This June the government is supposed to release more about UFO encounters, so we may be making some progress in that realm as visitors from elsewhere are a security threat.

  3. What caused the cow, which was black when it died, to turn brown after laying for nearly a year on the ranch, untouched?

  4. There are a lot of factors at play when you discuss anything paranormal in different regions of the world. Some countries live contentedly beside the unknown and see it as a part of life, others see it as something sinister and their religion teaches them to fear it, not speak of it. The Americas in general have been a great location for "other" travelers (not certain I think they come from other planets but parallel realms). Given the mining of copper, gold and rare earth elements from Chile all the way up to North America, given the nuclear and military presence of the US, given that our population is a fantastic mix of people from all over the world who didn't want to be stuck in their customary thinking and opportunities, we have a great location with people willing to talk more openly about it. There is talk that a prior president, Eisenhower, made a deal with aliens that they could abduct and observe us, but had to return us back to our homes. I'm not sure what I think of that, but abductions jumped sharply during and after his term. I know some who have decided their alien encounters were dreams. That is a much easier way of dismissing something you aren't equipped to define and study.


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