Wednesday, May 26, 2021

"Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on the History Channel: Last Night's Episode Reviewed


Researcher Dennis Guern and I really appreciated this episode of "Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on History Channel last night.

WARNING: Plot spoilers!

This week, the team brought onboard a LIDAR guy to scan the area. 

LiDAR is a remote sensing method that uses laser to measure the elevation like the ground, forest, and buildings. It uses the ultraviolet, visible, or near-infrared source to sense objects.

As well, a local Native told of a time he was out hunting rabbits on the mesa and a snowstorm drove him and his buddy down to the abandoned homestead to seek shelter. There, they heard something crashing around in the building and he chased with a gun, finding bare human footprints that turned to wolf prints. He came across something with red eyes, 8-feet tall, and when they shot it, it ran off. The man began to faint, eyes rolling into his head and wavering on his feet as he recalled this event. The team, concerned something near the well at the homestead might have caused it, they brought their instruments and checked for radiation and such. 

They reviewed the LIDAR that Eric took of the Homestead and when they looked at it, it produced images of the building outside and trees, but the interior was a blank void.

Travis brought a Rabbi there to talk about the biblical mentions of another indigenous people of the earth. This reminded us of the ancient giants. He said he would teach them how to open the gates with these beings that might not want humans on the property. 

Just as they were talking about it, Travis stood up pointing and screaming - a UFO was above them in the sky! Wow!

The team set up a sacred space in the dark in front of Homestead to study it thermally while the Rabbi asked if the ancient presence there would allow a blessing. Just then, the homestead temperatures changed drastically. 

The team saw that the Homestead looked suddenly cold on the thermal imaging following the Rabbi's tonal request. They went to investigate it and as they approached the homestead it was easily 20 degrees colder there. On the thermal imaging it appeared as if they chased something and the building warmed up again.

Next, they awaited the results of their data collection. The temperature changes were odd, but the shocking thing was that while filming with thermal, a blue dot at the ground moved around fast and across the scene, seemingly impossible.

Previews of next week totally hooked us in - WOW!

It is getting really crazy exciting now as they get closer and closer. The idea to reproduce the conditions again and compare was a wise one. 

Would we change anything? No. We like that they are following the evidence. Yes, we still want them digging in the earth, but now the focus is the homestead and with good reason. 

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