Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on History Channel


Researcher Dennis Guern and I really appreciated this episode of "Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" on History Channel last night.

WARNING: Plot spoilers!

It started out with something we had been hoping for, a call into one of Bigelow's NIDS researchers, Colonel John Alexander. As no one associated with the Bigelow - NIDS research has spoken in detail, this was exciting! 

He reported some odd things that had happened there including researchers on the mesa looking down at the Homestead, seeing a slot of light open up and something 6-foot tall climb out, but leave no tracks or evidence. Another researcher reportedly shot at something in a tree that fell, but disappeared. A track that appeared like a dinosaur raptor's print was found. 

Travis went ahead and asked Colonel John Alexander what he thought it was. He said he thought the area was a portal, multidimensional, where dimensions overlap and when they separate from our dimension, they seem to disappear to us. 

Travis contemplated a portal or wormhole and decided the team needed to bring in lasers and see if the light splits or bends. 

In the mean time, the ranch accepted new cattle for the summer to keep the fire hazard down by grazing. They decided to tag them to see if they are good sensors of what is about to happen. 

Later on, in comes Nu-Salt Laser team to run high-power lasers toward the mesa. The team constructed a tower with cameras to view it from an ideal location. Eric's camera captured an interesting glimmer on the mesa to look at later on review.

They decided to bring the laser team back the next night.

The next day, researcher Ryan Skinner brought in retired deputy sheriff, Kris Porritt who had investigated a cattle mutilation when prior tenants resided there.

He described a time that the owner was missing 3 heifers. They found them in a locked shed, stacked atop each other, and seemed to be dead. They tossed water on them and the cattle woke up.

Two black heifers were found in an area the retired deputy sheriff took the team to. He said the heifers had all their female organs removed. No blood. No burn marks. There was a 23-foot depression on the ground in the shape of a cigar. He believed a spaceship had landed. Travis then recalled the navy release of the "tic tac video" of a flying object shaped like that.

That evening the Nu-Salt Laser team came back to Homestead Two this time. As they ran the lasers, they decide to move the lasers into Homestead Two and aim them at Homestead Three. 

While they did that, Eric and Thomas went up the hillside to see from above the tree tops. 

With lasers running in the homestead, Travis and Dragon smelled something odd and felt the temperature drop at least 10 degrees. 

Thomas saw a light, like a flashlight being moved around. Travis and Dragon chased after it, but it disappeared. 

Eric's lightning detector kept lighting up, even though there were no storms. He had the idea that electrostatic discharges might be a sign of something happening. 

At the end of the episode, Brandon Fugal made an astute observations that what was happening at the ranch defied physics as we know it. 


Dennis and I were pleased that the team is keeping close watch on what's happening, trying to test some theories like the portal one, and having the resources they need to measure and record the phenomena.

We are hoping that as the weeks unfold, the team does go back to the underground factor of what's going on, but for now it looks like the old Homesteads have a lot to offer in narrowing down the location of the potential portal.

They called it a night