Hilarious Police Artist Sketches


Laughter is the very best medicine for a dull week. Here's my best of bad police artist sketches -

Police are advising caution, as this one is a gopher killer!

Thanks to the talents of their police sketch artist, the police believe they have their owl.

Name is Rusty. Last seen on the Eiffel tower tossing his beret over the side. Police advise you approach with caution, as his father is known to cause accidents.

We are sorry to report that Dora the Explorer was arrested today, based on this police artist sketch.

I'm pretty sure Hall is devastated by the news.

If you have seen this suspect or the graboid eating him, please tell county police.

Suspect's name is Klaatu, last seen driving a newer silver vehicle of unknown make and model.

Police are looking for this father who is late on his child support payments for Starchild (by about 900 years).

Following release of this police sketch artist work, half of West Virginia was arrested.

We are all holding our breath that Steve Buscemi is just wanted for Armageddon 2! 

This suspect has been apprehended in the toy chest. Well, at least his head was. 

This suspect was apprehended soon after he was seen on Fox Channel.


I hope y'all enjoyed my bit of goofiness. Humor is our saving grace. It lets us know the ride of life is fun.


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