The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Eating the Treats

This is a series on Ghost Hunting Theories chronicling a present-day Sasquatch experiment utilizing techniques employed by the researcher over a decade ago in a completely different location at an habituation site.

Today, the researcher's ongoing study is being performed in an urban setting in the southern half of the US, hundreds of miles from the original site and the results are amazingly similar. During the series, I will be sharing the evolution of these experiments and their results from his journal.

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Report 11 of 11 with 33 photos.
Area / Site 1
Saturday May 30, 2020

#1. 10:04am---the paint can is now on it's side.????

#2. 10:04am---an empty treats container near the path between the pipes and mid-site.????

#3. 10:04am---a closer view.

#4. 10:11am---I left 1 jar of treats plus the paint can upside down.

#5. 10:12am---I attached a 'BF' drawings sheet to a tree near the pipes away from the tree line and grassy area.

#6. 10:17am---the horizontal 2' x 4' was angled again with the bone gone, the ball gone, the drawings sheet just hanging on.????

#7. 10:28am---I nailed a "BF' drawings sheet to another tree then moved the 2' x 4' to another branch. I then put the bone on the 2' x 4'. I put the treats container with a tennis ball in a tree crook off the path.

#8. 10:29am---another view of the set-up along the path.

#9. 10:38am---I nailed another "BF' drawings sheet on the tree at mid-site & hung up another treats container.

#10. 10:38am---a closer view.

#11. 10:47am---at the main set-up site, near the tire the bone piece was on the ground.????

#12. 10:48am---a baseball among the limbs.????

#13. 10:50am---the gourd, water meter covers, slender bone, a short 2' x 4" , all on the ground off the stack.????

#14. 10:52am----the containers in the garbage can have been messed with.????

#15. 10:54am---again, my signature sheet was on the ground. Nearby on the ground a tennis ball.????

#16. 10:54am---another view of the drawings sheet removed from the bucket beads and on the ground near the bucket . Also further away is a close-up on an empty treats jar.????

#17. 10:54am---closeup of the beads.

#18. 10:56am---an empty treats jar with several wrappers scattered around.????

#19. 10:56am---a view looking from NE to SW, showing an empty treats jar, wrappers, 'BF' drawings sheet.????

#20. 10:57am---treat's container lid.????

#21. 10:57am---lid, empty jar, drawings sheet, the view from NW to SE. ????

#22. 11:28am---attached a "BF' drawings sheet to the side of a tree at the main site.

#23. 11:29am---I repainted the red tire.

#24. 11:29am---I repainted the blue tire.

#25. 11:29am---a new set-up at the water meter covers stack, a baseball with drawn on face.

#26. 11:29am---a new set-up with baseball, 2 short 2' x 4' 's, and mirror.

#27. 11:29am---4 treats containers on the camp chair set-up with a bucket.

#28. 11:30am---put 2 treats containers on top of the ball's bucket plus added a yellow flag marker.

#29. 11:30am---nailed this screwdriver holder to the tree, painted the stickman hunter on the tree as my signature.

#30. 11:30am---nailed this holder to the tree. The black bag I use to keep various spray paint cans in.. My signature sheet.

#31. 11:32am---spray paints in the bag to mark with.

#32. 11:35am---another set-up in the main area.

#33. 11:42am---another "BF' drawings sheet with the main set-up's in the background.

This concludes my photos, observations and comments for report 11 of 11. Saturday May 30, 2020 Area/Site 1.