Friday, April 16, 2021

Kinds of Portals


The concept of portals - or doorways to other worlds - has been one of my favorite subjects. In fact, my newest released book (#3 of 3-book series), "Threshold," handles this exciting subject with nail-biting pace.

When I was recently on the Talking Story Power Hour show hosted by Chai Gallahun, we talked almost exclusively about the subject. 

Portals are considered to be openings in which beings can come and go from one world to another. 

Here's just some portal concepts - 


You might call DMT the mechanism to enter the portal of dream state.

DMT or Dimethyltryptamine is a chemical substance that when ingested can create psychedelic "hallucinations." 

As mammals produce small amounts of this substance, it is understood humans do, as well. I, for one, believe that our dream state could be the result of such a substance and it is believed its release is tied to the pineal gland (third eye) that produces melatonin for the sleep state. 

If you ever wondered at the merciful design of creatures and humans, just consider the sleep state. When light gets low at end of day, melatonin is released to put you to sleep and forcing rest. Then, in deeper sleep stages, forcing paralysis so you don't act on the dreams that give you insight. Wow!

In recreation or in labs, DMT has been used to gain more understanding of the human experience, but most who have experienced the "high," report they feel as if the world just showed its true self in a synesthetic and dynamic dimension that we never get in a "sober" state. 

The experiences people have had when using DMT points to a life-changing realization, a depth of understanding, a window to the energy that is life, a reverance for existing. 


Near-death experiences give us another insight into the portal to the afterlife. 

I have heard scientists proclaim that there is no afterlife, but there is DMT released by the brain at the moment of death that gives visions.

As interesting as that concept is, it misses the mark on two points. One is that the visions of the dying are remarkably nearly identical. Two is that this only supports intelligent design as there is no reason to evolutionary-wise give us DMT as we are passing to have a merciful experience. That was worked into the design and shows thought and compassion on the part of whatever/whoever/however we were created. 

One thing that universally occurs with NDE's is a change in attitude, perspective, a loss of fear of death, a feeling of community with humanity. Many report that the world they entered was the real one, and this one is fake. That is how my own father felt when he had his NDE. He wanted to go "home" to the real world and a few days later, he passed away with a smile knowing where he would be headed. 


Wormholes could be considered the portal to other solar systems/planets/stars. 

This concept is a scientific speculation that appears to have some very real possibilities. Imagine if you could bend space and time to create a tunnel from one location to a very distant location as if they were right next door to each other.

It is easier to speculate about the visitation of aliens from faraway planets when you consider the use of a wormhole. This also holds hope for our own future travel long distances or even around our own planet. 

Locations of high strangeness

Locations with high strangeness could be considered portals for the unexplained to come and go.

What if here on Earth we have portals that beings are utilizing to come and go? A fair deal of the public believe that Bigfoot, UFOs, and strange cryptids are coming and going through such passages. 

Certain areas on the planet seem to attract a host of strange lights, cattle mutilations, UFO sightings, and strange cryptids. Places like Skinwalker Ranch, Blind Frog Range in Utah, locations in the Northeastern US like Bridgewater triangle and Bennington Triangle, as well as Hoia Bocoi forest in Romania are just some of these hot beds of high strangeness. 

Sedona vortexes

These supposed swirling energy locations are considered to be earth's energy moving about in a way that is healing and regenerating. These kinds of "portals" might be considered spiritual ones. 

Sedona, Arizona is said to have four vortexes, each with a unique kind of swirling energy. I have personally visited some of the vortexes over the decades and I will say that there is something to this. The sensation is liberating, as if you shed the past and are a blank slate.


For all the mystery the pyramids have ignited, none is quite as exciting as the concept that they were built and used as portals to other dimensions. 

It's commonly accepted by most researchers today that the pyramids have existed long before the dynasties of Egypt. Who built them? Likely the same civilization that built places like Teotihuacán in Mexico where Aztecs moved into the buildings hundreds of years after the original builders left. 

What was the structure supposed to be used for? Well, if we look at a television set, if we were to leave one in the rainforest of the Amazon, a tribe might use it to climb up a tree or to store the bones of their dead inside, but it was not the original purpose of the device. The pyramids are likely a very similar situation. 

Parallel worlds

Theoretical physicists ponder the concept that every action in this world can play out in an alternate parallel world that resides beside us. This would be a portal to a parallel realm. 

Other than beating yourself up for being in the pandemic world versus the healthy parallel universe, this concept is really intriguing. Imagine that you lay out many human form existences in every way possible to give you the greatest universal understanding as you move on to the spirit realm? 

Time travel

Perhaps one of the most tantalizing portal potentials is the concept of time travel. This would be a portal to another time, future or past. 

It would be interesting to note if people prefer to see the past or the future. I used to think the future might be awful, polluted, diseased, criminal, crowded, hungry, and desolate. But, if I had lived in the 1860s and went back in time, I might end up in the plague-ridden dirty streets of Europe. If 1860s me decided to go to the future thinking it would be as awful as the Civil War, I might miss things like child labor laws, cars, abundant food supply, antibiotics, and airplanes. Hmmmm


Obviously, portals come in so many potential forms, even more than listed here. If someone were to ask me which ones are viable right now, I'd say DMT, NDE, locations of high strangeness, and Sedona vortexes. Which ones will science some day prove or learn to manipulate? I'd be more inclined to say understanding of Pyramids. The ones that will take us more time to prove or utilize - wormholes, time travel, and parallel worlds. 

What would you most like to utilize? I think if I had a choice, I'd say, if I am able to come back here, I'd like to travel a parallel world to see what other ways this world could be.

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