Friday, April 23, 2021

Chasing the Paranormal in Your Spare Time


What we do with our spare time these days has vastly changed. Rather than consider a crowded cabana bar on a beach somewhere, many are opting to hit AirBNB isolated locations where they can be free of mask-wearing and self-contained with their own meals rather than restaurants.

There is no better time to consider freestyle paranormal investigating as your new hobby.

You can delve into the unexplained in many simple ways that don't involve crazy equipment or groups. 


My first suggestion is UFO watching. The only thing needed for this is a car to get out of the city and away from city lights. 

You might put together some great music like Brian Eno's work - very space-watching sounds!

Consider a portable picnic too and bring some lounge chairs. 

These are items you will want to have around whether it's for road trips, camping, or investigating. 

If you're serious about UFO watching, you might consider two other pieces of equipment. One is IR goggles with recording ability and the other is a telescope. If you're going to be out there anyways, you might as well enjoy the night sky fully.

This activity of UFO watching is a fantastic one for everyone. It's romantic. It's a road trip. It's being outdoors. It has something for everyone. 

If you're wondering where to go in particular for a higher chance of seeing a UFO, check out the reports at MUFON to see if there is an area near you with high incidence of reports. 


It's always best to chase ghosts somewhere else. The simplest way for anyone to have encounters is to stay in a notoriously haunted place. Whether it's an AirBNB, hotel, or bed and breakfast inn, there are plenty of haunted places to lay your head down.

Take a digital voice recorder and ask questions. When you get home, play it back on your computer to really hear if there are any replies. 

You may want to check the room for a baseline EMF (electromagnetic field, the product of accelerating electric charges) and use it throughout the evening to identify possible spikes (some believe this energy is either a process of ghost manifestation or a result of it). My advice is to watch out for spikes near alarm clocks and when the air-conditioning turns on and off.

Honestly, there is no better barometer than a human body and its five (really six) senses. There is something built into our biology that sees things that don't show up on cameras, hears things that are vague on recordings. Spend some time in the room, lights out so you can see movement, and silent so you can hear what's going on. Simply "be" with it, no interrogations, no equipment. Just a human being in quiet repose, senses acute because of lack of sensory input, and a mind that is shifted into neutral. 

To find some great haunted places to stay here's some links - 


Maybe you don't want to sleep in Bigfoot's living room, but you wouldn't mind a hike that could produce an encounter. 

Here's some hiking trails to consider - 

Northwestern California and Southwestern Oregon. Of the 360 miles, approximately 100 miles (160 km) are along seldom used Forest Service roads while the remaining segments are backcountry trails, either in wilderness or on National Forest land.

Bear Canyon Lake.
Although the lake was created for anglers, it is a Bigfoot attractant, as well. 

In Northwestern Pennsylvania, this area has had quite a few sightings. 

In southeastern Texas, this park has had a LOT of sightings and some rather disturbing. 

Find out where sightings have occurred in your region by checking out the BFRO site. 

I will say this, that people who get a glimpse of a Bigfoot, it is about 99% of the time that they are hiking, hunting, or whatever, not thinking about Bigfoot, not searching them out. It's almost like that sensation you get in a public place that someone is staring at you, you turn and see them staring. Bigfoot appears to feel our focus upon them. So, keep yourself engaged in a happy hike, enjoy nature, take a lot of rest stops where you can be quiet and maybe notice things moving around. 

If you really want to see them, take video. Stop. Zoom in and out, slowly doing a 180-degree pan so that your back is facing where you started filming. Wait a few moments, zoom in and out again as you pan back to where you started. When you get home, pop it on the computer. What happens is they freeze when you walk by so you don't see movement. They blend right in. As you turn away they peek out, or use that opportunity to hit the ground. When you view the video, you can see them peeking out or being there and suddenly not being there. 

(photo at the top of this post, I'm wearing mine. I use it for prospecting, Bigfoot and ghost investigations, hiking, etc)


If you like the unexplained but don't necessariy want ot poke around looking for it, how about sleeping in it? 

AirBNBs now offer so many quirky and delightfully-themed settings to sleep in that it's easy to find a place that is so unusual to spend the night that you feel like you knocked something off the bucket list. 

La Canada Flintridge in California offers a vintage home for rent complete with ghosts. 

Don't want to sleep with ghosts? How about sleeping in a strange vessel? 

How about - 

Maybe you might like to stay in - 


Maybe you'd like - 

A spaceship house. 

A creepy room -

 "Asian Room" in the Schoolhouse.

When life gets boring and predictable, it's often because we tackle each day the same. We figure we know everything by heart because we do the same routine so much that we can drive across town, arrive at our destination, and not recall a moment of the process. 

Chasing the unexplained is a way of opening a new world we didn't realize was there right beside us. It brings out the creative side of us trying to explain it, it brings out our courage chasing it, and it brings out our hope for there being more to the world than the zombie pattern we inhabit daily.

Open your mind and insert wonder!

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