Friday, March 26, 2021

Southwest Style is HOT and Here's Why!


One thing I do adore about living in the Southwest is the style. I grew up in the DC area and I was never a navy or tweed kinda gal. 

I'm thrilled to see that a sort of Bohemian Southwest style is the hottest craze now. 

It's something that seems born out of Burning Man events and the digital nomad generation of 20-somethings cruising around in Skoolies and modified vans and crashing in the desert for some warmth and lots of sky. Perhaps sparked by the minimalist look with white walls and houseplants in terra cotta pots....

Even a touch of Southwest to your wardrobe or home is as American as you can get - 

(ideal for succulents)


Channels on YouTube that exude the style - 

This woman in Tucson is an amazing plant expert, but her minimalist Southwest home, succulents and cacti, color palette - all exude Southwest!

Four-wheeling into barren desert terrain to see many wonders. 

This Vegas girl is a total hoot. She goes all around the bizarre and beautiful in the Southwest, in search of a hot springs. She's sassy and brassy and a total blast!

This young guy has it right - do what you are passionate about and life is amazing. He bought and is restoring an old silver mining town called Cerro Gordo up atop a mountain above Death Valley.

And, my very very favorite desert gal out in Joshua Tree is Rachel Metz, who shares how she can DIY her property like no one's biz! She's my idol.


And, although this is a rather boujie vid, it really captures the fashion, decor, and setting of the Southwest with a modern flair. It's not all about Navajo rugs and squash blossoms. There is a growing movement of minimalism based on a very Southwest vibe - 

My favorite Southwest-styled catalog - 

Sundance Catalog

(Their stuff is expensive, so use the styles in the catalog as a guideline for elements to find cheaper at Goodwill, Old Navy, and Amazon. Simply type in "Southwest Shirts" or whatever in Amazon and you find some great buys!


Southwest decorating style vibe - 

Rough textures, Native patterns, precious metals and gemstones, stucco, rugs, pottery, khaki, terra cotta, turquoise, mango yellow, black, tan, sage green, deep burnished red, burnt orange....

You can go with anything from steer skulls and cowboy art to minimalist white walls, dark wood beams, and succulents in pots. You can take it to the textural zenith with wool rugs and Native patterns to sheepskin and pottery. 


If you want to absorb the ambiance, try some Southwest-vibe music - 

Sara Watkins

Kings of Leon 

Little Hurricane

The Teskey Brothers

Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise

Flute music

Steel guitar

Sergio Leone - awesome western movie sounds


It's great to see the Southwest vibe hitting fashion and decorating, as well as music. Consider adding a bit of Southwest flavor too. Much of the foods of the Southwest are influenced by corn and squash of the Native chefs, but also things like prickly pear paddles and fruit, hot chiles, Masa harana, mesquite flour, wolfberries (aka Goji berries), beans, avocadoes, spices.

Southwest Spice Recipe - LINK

ancho chili powder
smoked paprika
(regular) paprika
garlic powder
kosher salt
ground coriander
onion powder
ground black pepper
cayenne pepper

My go-to for the best spices for cooking Southwest or barbecue and fish is Cowboy Spice Company. I have made numerous amazing dishes and everything is better with these blends. This place knows their SW tastes!!

Cowboy Coconut Mango Pineapple is killer on fish!

Sweet Heat is my standard on everything!!!

Fajita Seasoning is a dream on Mexican food

and there's plenty of super hot mixes as well as rubs for ribs, steaks... you name it!


Considering visiting? 

Probably the hottest place right now is Joshua Tree, CA, considered the fast getaway for the LA folk. AirBNBs, boondocking, camping are the thing out in this desolate but gorgeous place. 

And, always an artist's favorite is Santa Fe and Taos, NM where you find artisans and Earth ships - 

If you crave shopping and culture, as well as golfing, Paradise Valley, AZ and Camelback Mountain might be your thing. 

If you're a geology buff, consider the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Meteor Crater, and Painted Desert of Northern, Arizona

For otherworldly geology that is not like anything you've ever experienced, consider the Moab, Utah area. 

Want to experience the old west and cowboy and prospector (as well as saloon girl) vibe?  Tombstone, AZ is your place!

How about renting a houseboat? Lake Powell, AZ!


Go forth and enjoy Southwest style and flavor!

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