Friday, February 12, 2021

When People Stumble Into Other Universes


My book due out April 1st involves portals

There is something intriguing about the idea of stumbling into another world, passing a portal, entering a wormhole, going back in time, going to a parallel realm. And there are reports of people doing such things. Let's look at some intriguing cases - 

Here's a case of a supposed spontaneous time travel. This one is so cool - 

Time travel is probably the one more people daydream about. A parallel universe could be awesome or a nightmare, but knowing an outcome or changing the past are very attractive fantasies. 

If you could time travel, where would you go? Who would you meet? 

I never got to know my dad's parents from Norway and Sweden (Thorvaldsen and Ang). They sounded like really interesting characters and not knowing grandparents, I'd love to gather some wisdom from them and put a voice and a presence to the photographs. 

The other option for stumbling into another place is to enter a parallel universe. There is a story from Utah that meets that criteria and I'd highly suggest you delve into Ronald Regeher's books (below) to learn more about the unusual aspects of Utah.

In this case, four girls in the early 1970s heading back to college in Utah from a Nevada event they attended, find a fork in the road and make a decision that forever haunts them and ends up in the annals of the local highway patrol's report....

There are locations around the earth with such an array of oddities going on that they are referred to as portals. Some locations include Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, Mt. Shasta in California, Stonehenge, Superstition Mountains in Arizona, and many more. 

What happens when we try to synthetically create a portal? It's said the US Government tried in 1943 and referred to as "The Philadelphia Experiment."  

Here's some more spontaneous jaunts to other places - 


Below are the first two books in my paranormal romance series - one involving ghosts, one involving Bigfoot, and the final book in the series is out April 1st, "Threshold: A SEEK Team Investigation"


  1. Portals do exist. So as the parallel universes. Sometimes paths get cross coincidentally. Few knows about the exact locations. Now it seems like the time has come to disclose the secrets.

    Please share with us.

    1. I am absolutely certain there are passages. I look at it like this - if you have a 2-dimensional image, say a photograph, 3D me can touch it, handle it, share space with it, and observe it whenever I wish as the 2D image is an easy one to perceive for me. If other dimensions are among us, they are sharing the same "space" but like the photo, we cannot perceive of them or have the depth of understanding to realize its contents, but they can perceive us, manipulate, interact. This is where the "magical" occurrences in our world happen. As a person who is spiritual but very much grounded in understanding the "science" of the universe, I look for patterns. Where these things occur - is there high iron content in the ground? One portal reported and documented by police in 1972 in Utah was in the area of Iron Mountain. Also, they seem to occur near fault lines. Does the geology of the earth create energy pathways that can be utilized? When I look at the ancients' and their knowledge with megalithic structures and pyramids, I have to wonder if they knew something about earth's energies we have yet to grasp. Going even further, what if we are appreciated by our soul selves in the next dimension as we are a biological facsimile of them? This would be like we can manipulate a photograph that is a 2-dimensional facsimile of us... The universe is a great blessing with many layers.