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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Objects Moved Around


This is a series on Ghost Hunting Theories chronicling a present-day Sasquatch experiment utilizing techniques employed by the researcher over a decade ago in a completely different location at an habituation site.

Today, the researcher's ongoing study is being performed in an urban setting in the southern half of the US, hundreds of miles from the original site and the results are amazingly similar. During the series, I will be sharing the evolution of these experiments and their results from his journal.

For earlier installments go to THIS LINK.

Area/Site 1: 26 photos      
April 22, 2020

#1. 7:55am---from the pipes, a hog rooting area can be seen.

#2. 7:55am---a small tree bow over the path.????

#3. 7:59am---a clothes hanger I left on a bush limb near the path was on the ground.???? This is between the pipes and mid-site.

#4. 8:02am---I hung the clothes hanger back on the bush limb crook.

#5. 8:05am---at the mid-site tree, I put these 2 plastic toys at the tree base below the yellow caution tape.

#6. 8:06am---a closer view of the plastic toys at the tree base.

#7. 8:22am---I'm now at the main set-ups/interaction site. A baseball removed from a tree crook is now on the ground.????

#8. 8:22am---a log stump is now broken apart below the tire and among the bush/tree base. ????

#9. 8:23am---the gourd has been moved.????

#10. 8:27am---the rock on the tire has been moved from the very top center, to slightly forward on the trie.????

#11. 8:28am---the vertical limbs, set the previous visit, where closer together. 2 spaces can be seen on the right side of the set-up.????

#12. 8:30am---the small 'dream-catcher' is now on the ground.????

#13. 8:31am---a new set-up: with 4 rocks, 4 water meter covers, the thin, vertical bone plus 2 flag markers.

#14—8:38am—-I moved the vertical limbs back together tightly.

#15. 8:38am---I put the 'dream-catcher' over the vertical, thin bone that has blue painted dots.

#16. 8:41am---I re-centered the rock on the tire top as it had been previously.

#17. 8:43am---I reset the gourd on the camp chair.

#18. 8:48am---on the chair, I added the frisbee disc and a jar of treats.

#19. 8:52am---I put a ball back onto the crook then hung the "BF' drawings sheet, which is in a plastic cover, from the crook.

#20. 9:17am---I put the trash can lid at the base crooks of a bush/tree.

#21. 9:18am---I moved this lid from the base back up into the bush crooks.

#22. 9:29am---new set-ups: blue bucket, frisbee disc, with arrow pointer toy aimed towards the camp chair with treats jar.

#23. 9:34am---I'm now outside the treeline near the ditch. On the east side grassy area, these limbs together look like a 'pointer'.????

#24. 9:34am---the 'pointer' is towards the treeline. You can see the path going north to the hiking trail.

#25. 9:38am---I put these sticks on the path near the 'pointer'. 

#26. 9:38am---a clear view on the east side of the ditch and grassy area.The treeline is on the right. The interaction area also to the right. The bridge and hiking trail can be seen in the distance.

Area/Site 2: 1 photo

#27. 10:55am---at the tires etc. Nothing messed with. I hung a 'BF' drawings sheet at the tires plus put out a treats jar.

This concludes the report for grouping 04/22/2020.

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