Monday, February 1, 2021

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: More Activity to Share


This is a series on Ghost Hunting Theories chronicling a present-day Sasquatch experiment utilizing techniques employed by the researcher over a decade ago in a completely different location at an habituation site.

Today, the researcher's ongoing study is being performed in an urban setting in the southern half of the US, hundreds of miles from the original site and the results are amazingly similar. During the series, I will be sharing the evolution of these experiments and their results from his journal.

For earlier installments go to THIS LINK.

To all,

In order to up-date what exploration/research events took place in 2020, I will be commenting over the next 11 postings. There are 11 photo groupings for 11 specific days. 3 photo groupings for the local national forest, 7 groupings for my area/site 1 location, 1 grouping for my area/site 2 location. Other groupings for 2020 may take place as I have them ready. Just a reminder to all, my area/site 1 location is an urban wilderness area of approximately 14,000 acres surrounded by neighborhoods and businesses. 

My area/site 2 location, not far away is approximately 10,000 acres again surrounded by neighborhoods and businesses. The national forest I hike has a major hiking trail that covers 10 sections. You have the main trail, then loop trails off the main trail . Not all sections have the loop trails. The total miles of trails are approximately 120 miles. I have completed the first section of 31 miles. 

The current photos to be seen in my NF groupings are from this section. let's get started.

Friday April 17, 2020 Area/Site 1

#1. 10am---the trash can lid has been removed from the crooks onto the ground.????

#2. 10am---the tire has been moved from between crooks and the blue rock is on the ground.????

#3. 10:03am---I reset the tire back between crooks and placed the rock back on top of the tire.

#4. 10:06am---I reset the trash can lid again in limb crooks.

#5. 10:08am---ball's bucket, photo sheet, and tied beads. 

#6. 10:35am---bowed, double branches near the site. They are both lower than before.????

#7. 10:35am---the lower branch above with my painted blue dots.

#8. 10:37am---I placed these limbs together vertically plus 1 horizontally.

#9. 10:37am---I placed the rock into the crook.

#10. 10:38am---I placed a plastic toy item over a broken limb.

#11. 10:38am---a ball in a crook with a water meter cover hanging from the crook with a bungee cord.

#12. 10:46am---photos 12-15 shows an area of nearby woods with destruction and rooting from hogs.

#13. 10:46am---hogs rooting & destruction.

#14. 10:46am---hogs rooting and destruction.

#15. 10:46am---hogs rooting and destruction.

#16. 11;03am---leaving the area on the hiking trail. Looks like a recent urinated spot closeup.

#17. 11:03am---another view showing the length of the trail with the possible urinated spot.

This concludes comments and photos for Friday April 17, 2020 at Area/Site 1.

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