Friday, February 26, 2021

Methods For Keeping Your House Haunt-Free


Even a perfectly fine suburban tract home and suddenly seem like the Munster's house of weird when unexplained things begin to happen, like cabinets opening and closing on their own, shadows walking the hallways, or voices whispering in an empty room. 

Methods for getting rid of such energy vary greatly and most depend a great deal on what you personally believe would be efficacious because your very confidence manifests results. 

Here's some things to try - 

Sage Smudge Kit

 Methods vary, but I like to light the stick near the front door, blow on it gently to get embers to burn, hold the shell beneath it to catch ashes. Work your way clockwise around your house, being sure to move over areas where energy can trap like dark corners, cluttered areas, and when you get back to the front door again, I usually let it sit in the house a while and then open doors and windows to air the house out after. This is said to be mirrored after customs of native people and even religions, like Catholicism, that utilize incense to ward off bad energy.

Music is another tool that seems to show some good effect. Positive, upbeat music or even music (like above) that is designed to scare off negative energy. Play it a few hours a day in areas that feel kind of dark. 

In general, religious texts opened up (any page) can be a strong symbol for those who believe. As I mentioned, the method needs to be something you feel would have efficacy because your very positive energy toward the tool creates strength, rather like a warrior going into battle with an ax made of the finest steel.

The use of religious symbols in the home are often reported as having a protective measure. Whatever symbol sings to your soul, whether it's an ankh, cross, Star of David, Triskele, or other, maybe what you need. I'd suggest a wall hanging like these, so it has prominence.

Energy Center

This is my concept that has worked amazingly well. I call it an energy center. When a family moves into a home, there is past negative energy from fights, sickness, and mental issues - "baggage" from prior people. There is also the dynamics present of your own family's mental, physical, and emotional weaknesses that might create a weak passage for bad energy to be attracted. 

An energy center is a fun thing to create. I like to do it either near the front door or center of the home. A table or shelf works. 

Begin to load it up with things that are positive for you - religious texts, symbols, plants, seashells, crystals, photos of family, figurines of angels, holy water, family heirlooms, whatever it is that calls to you with positive feelings and a sense of gathering all the best elements together. It is a powerful tool and a good one for your own health. 

To go by the table occasionally and touch it, look at it, or even pray in this site is a good practice for your mental and physical strength. It also creates a backup of positive energy and strength that wards off energies that seek easiest entry points.

In my own desire to help those with issues in their homes, this has been a great tool. I have come to find that basic changes in the house and placement of objects, sunlight, lack of clutter, upbeat music are often the greatest relief as they incidentally make the homeowner more comfortable in the house too which creates that confidence (manifesting). 

In my own home, I was having issues for a while after redecorating. I came to find out the windchime I hung in the bedroom (southwestern corner of home) was in the sector of the house that would attract spirits. I removed it and all bad mojo left.

I believe too that people who hoard and those who just moved into a place and have it cluttered with boxes and items that don't have a place yet, clog up pathways for energy and create more and more bad energy traps. Are hoarders more depressed once their home is filled up? They very likely are having increase time soaking in bad energy trapped behind heaps of items.

Like wind, energy finds an easy path over open areas. 

Ultimately, it is your own mental, spiritual, emotional and physical energy that creates protection or weaknesses that can be utilized to bring good or bad to you. Many call this manifesting. 

Focusing on what you want instead of what you don't want is the ultimate power.

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