Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Can You "Manifest" Ghosts to Leave? Yes, You Can!


The very principals of "The Secret," involve ancient practices of refocusing the mind to what you want instead of what you don't want. This practice is called manifesting. 

If it works so well to give you what you want, can it work to get rid of what you don't want? 

Kinda, yeah - 

In the case of manifesting, you try to refocus from a sense of "lack" and toward a sense of gratitude as if what you want has already occurred. 

In other words, negative focus on what you don't want is going to give you more of that. It's rather like target fixation, when a driver on the road sees a police car and a driver pulled over and knows they need to go around them, but by focusing on them, they drive into the vehicles. 

These principals can be applied to a home haunting situation, as well. 

First, let's look at what you should NOT focus on - the ghosts, the fear, the unpredictability, the darkness, the insomnia. That is focusing on what you DON'T want.

Instead, the focus of your mind should be on a calm happy house where sleep is abundant, it is quiet and serene, you feel safe and content. Start to feel the sensations of being someone who has a happy retreat. Daydream about a long hot bath with some soft music, a cozy snuggly bedtime with your blanket and your tired body drifting off to la la land. Look ahead in your mind to the changes you want to make in the house and how ideal it will be when completed. 

Assume that all that has happened there is leaving and you are experiencing bliss again. This is your fate. This is what you deserve. It is yours. It is written in the testaments of time that on this day in this year your home is a happy retreat.

Ways to refocus are to work on home projects. Set up a shelf of houseplants you always wanted to have, perhaps play happy music to change the atmosphere, clear out clutter, make happy memories in each room where you flip through a photo album and laugh and smile, place photos of loved ones around you, work on a jigsaw puzzle, finally read a book in the cozy corner you created long ago but never attended. 

Light and pleasant sound are the best ways to make a home feel cozy. Proper lighting keeps shadows at bay and soft music helps mask any house sounds that tend to draw your attention and focus to dark thoughts.

Your very positive energy, happiness, sense of home and family, creative expression, and relaxation becomes a deterrent for anything of a nature that needs drama, mental illness, impairment, depression, fear, or vulnerability. 

Mark your territory. Really move into your home and include beloved things in each room. Work on projects. Call a friend and laugh about the old times. Create a place where you are resilient and safe. It begins with you. You have more control than you know. 

If you want to line your bedside table with crystals or religious icons to feel more protected, add that level of backup, but be sure that you truly believe these are going to protect you. Belief is huge in both manifesting and also in protection. 

Sit down in your home and look around you with pride. Note everything that you bought, made, altered, was given to you as a gift. Really see your surroundings and think, "I did that" and "that's mine." When you study something with appreciation and gratitude it becomes tied to your energy. If your energy is positive, its energy is positive. 

As a person who reads objects psychically "psychometrist," I know that objects hold memories and information from the person who handled them. But those memories become layered when more and more people leave memories upon them. A ring worn by a grandmother as she was dying can become a very different energy as the granddaughter wears it on her wedding day and has babies, lives a happy life, has a great belief in things turning out. 

We do the same with our homes. 

Someone might have died in your home previously. But today, someone lives in it. One can trump the other. 

Give gratitude each day for the beautiful things you love about your home. You can even name them off in your head. "I love the northern light coming in the windows." "I love the view of the trees." "I love the soft recliner." 

Manifesting away ghosts is more about manifesting to you a peaceful, safe, and cozy home. Do not focus on what you don't want. Focus on being thankful for all the positive happy energy. 

I highly suggest you look into the Danish pratice of Hygge. It is the practice of creating a cozy home with things like blankets, candles, elements of nature, and more - 

And, when you're done with that, play some YouTube or TikTok videos of dogs doing goofy things. Laugh. Humor is the best manifester ever. 

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  1. Great Ideas. A positive and motivational thread to stay thankful to God for all the blessings and things around us.