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Urban Sasquatch: Miscellaneous Update 2020 and the Past


The Urban Sasquatch Journal is a running series on Ghost Hunting Theories chronicling a present-day Sasquatch experiment utilizing techniques employed by the researcher over a decade ago in a completely different location at an habituation site.

The researcher is back to give everyone an update on the study in this enormous park in Texas.


Here's the update from the researcher - 

To all,

Since my retirement from construction in 2017, I have done very little research. In the past 3 years, when I have gone to look around the old set-up site etc., some of the items have been moved etc. I left much of the items out there, I just put them altogether at one spot. I have spent more time in the local national forest the past few years. There is a NF hot spot area I hope to report on in the future.

On Tuesday Dec. 8, I decided to hike the main creek near the set-up site. I had not walked or explored the opposite side of the creek during my past years out there. I walked and explored that side of the creek for approximately 1 hour, then backtracked and headed to the old site. I did visit the site. I had the 'itch' to do some set-ups. I did a few to see what would come of it.

Temp: 73 Sunny wind: WSW 6 / Awesome December day!

5 photos total:

The following photos are the set-ups for Tuesday December 8. 2020:

#1. 2:50 PM
Blue tire in tree crook with ball at bottom of the inside of tire, blue rock on top of tire against the limb, blue bucket with kettle bell on top.

#2. 2:50 PM
Angle photo of the above.

#3. 2:50 PM
White tire on the ground with white ball's bucket in the center of opening. Yellow flag marker in bucket on the side. Small necklace hanging on bucket metal ring.

#4. 2:51 PM
Left side, 3 tires stack. Red tire on top of stack. Blue ball's bucket centered in opening. Clamp on bucket side with handle in down position. Right side - 2 yellow tires stack with green plastic item and white rock.

#5. 2:51 PM 
Water meter cover stacks with rocks on top of stacks.

Finished the set-ups then left the site. Headed home 3:10 PM.

On Tuesday December 29, 2020, I decided to do a major trail hike 9.5 miles for the day on the trail near my set-ups/research site. I would complete the hike and check out the previous set-ups from December 8. It had been 21 days. I arrived at the parking area 8:57 AM.

Temp: 64, hi to be 73 Sunny Wind: ESE 11 Another awesome December day!

9 AM: I started hiking the trail. Between trail markers 1.75---2.0 miles, I saw something amazing. Two teepee structures! For the first time in 6 years of investigating and researching this section of urban wilderness, this catches my eyes. I'm shocked. I did not expect to see this. 

I move off the trail and go to both structures. I take photos of both. They are located southeast of the trail. Structure A is approximately 30' into the woods. Structure B approximately 50' in. B is diagonal to A approximately 25'. Structure A is typical with limbs, etc. leaning towards 2 trees which are approximately 2' apart. The most intricate is Structure B. One end of the structure is using the main tree trunk as a starting point with another point being a long, broken hanging limb or so it seems to me.

31 total photos:

Structure's related photos:

#1. 10:09 AM
From the trail both tee pee structures. Closest A, further back to left B. ????

#2. 10:09 AM
Structure A around 2 trees. ????

#3. 10:10 AM
Structure B front side. ????

#4. 10:10 AM 
Structure B rear side. intricate weaving to me. ????

#5. 10:10 AM
Structure A rear side. Typical leaning to center. ????

#6. 10:11 AM
Structure B left side front weaving. ????

After viewing the structures and taking photos, I continued with my trail hike. Another unusual item was noticed on the next quarter mile of the hike, between mile marker 2.0-2.25. Two trail metal benches were bent badly. Vandalism?? Possibly. Or possible "BF' damage?? In 2004, at Brown Springs Oklahoma, near the old cemetery, I saw 3 heavy metal fence T posts bent over 90 degrees. It would have taken a powerful pipe bender to have bent those. They weren't bent by a pipe bender. photos of the damaged benches follows:

#7. 10:19 AM
2 damaged metal benches along the south side of the trail. ????

#8. 10:19 AM
Left side bench. ????

#9. 10:19 AM
Right side bench. ????

#10. 11:13 AM
On my return hike, I took this photo of the 2 benches. I'm looking down the trail. The tee pee structures are out of sight around the bend in the trail. ????

At this point, I hike back to my vehicle. I arrive around noon and hang out there for 30 minutes, then head over to the set-up site.

I arrive at the site and begin to put together an experiment of gifting treats to see what will happen. I use one of the buckets and put 5 glass containers and 1 plastic container of sweet treats plus peanuts into the bucket. This also includes an orange and apple in a zip-lock bag. I add 3 medium size rocks on top of the containers etc. to make it difficult to get at. I hang the bucket off a strap at 5' 5" off the ground. Again, I'll see what happens. Photos related to the hanging treats follows:

#11. 1:20 PM
Sweet treats and peanuts in containers. Apple and orange in Ziplock bag.

#12. 1:21 PM
Overhead view of containers and bag in bucket.

#13. 1:25 PM
3 rocks on top of containers and bag.

#14. 1:27 PM
Treats bucket hanging at 5'5" off ground.

The next group of photos shows previous December 8 set-ups messed with. Refer back to December 8 photos. 7 related photos follows:

#15. 1:29 PM
Blue tire removed from tree crook, now flat on ground. Blue rock removed from top of tire. Ball remover from lower, inside of tire. Kettle bell removed from top of blue bucket. all 3 together on the ground.?????

#16. 1:30 PM
The ball's bucket was centered in the white tire. One side is now butting next to tire. One torn tennis ball is outside the bucket on the ground butting up to bucket. ????

#17. 1:30 PM
Another angle of previous photo. ????

#18. 1:30 PM
Inside of tire, one of the torn tennis balls from the bucket. ????

#19. 1:33 PM
Green plastic item with large rock was centered on the tire. Now close to the left side of tire opening. Not centered. ????

#20. 1:33 PM
I accidentally removed all the balls from the bucket. The clamp handle was down to the rear. Now the clamp handle is pointing away. ????

#21. 1:34 PM
Far left rock is now against the middle stack of covers. The far right rock has been moved around to change the rock direction.????

Now I'm motivated to do some more set-ups. Here's the next round of set-ups:

#22. 1:56 PM
5 rocks on permanent ground tire. Left side of site entry.

#23. 1:56 PM
Painted blue bone part in right side site entry bush crook.

#24. 1:56 PM
Painted blue, larger bone part in left side site entry bush crook.

#25. 1:57 PM
Blue tire in bush crook with red rock on lower tire opening.

#26. 1:57 PM
Front side blue bucket set-up with rock, green plastic item, yellow tent stake, various ball/s with faces drawn on them.

#27. 1:57 PM 
Rear side view.

#28. 1:58 PM
Tires stack with blue bucket and freshly painted kettle bell.

#29. 1:58 PM
Hanging treats bucket with treats, rocks inside.

#30. 1:58 PM
The white tire in the crook of another with painted yellow rock on top of tire.

#31. 2:02 PM
I moved my camp chair on top of the water meters covers stacks. This chair has been out in the various set-up areas for at least the past 3 years. It still has not been taken.

This concludes the events of December 8 and 29, 2020.

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