Monday, January 4, 2021

Stalker Between the Worlds: It's Back!


*Warning: Photographs and information in this ongoing series might be upsetting to some readers. Discretion advised.*

This is an ongoing series chronicling a several years' worth of encounters with bizarre, horrific, and taunting interplay between one innocent citizen and a stalker that defies description (at least in our known world).

This was an exceptionally well-documented series of events that may at times be too graphic or horrifying for some readers, but it is our hope that by sharing this experience, someone out there might recognize a set of circumstances that are similar.

We have advice to be given to anyone encountering what I am at a lack of words to accurately describe, so henceforth refer to it as…the stalker between the worlds.


The Walker was back in place following some orthopedic issues and ready to walk his country roads again faithfully, hoping it would make him stronger and less likely to succumb to swollen joints.

On a mild winter day, he took his walk past sites where in the past several years the mysterious Stalker had left items for him to find, only to take them away immediately after viewing. 

But, on this particular day, his mind was looking into the future months when it warmed up, the garden would take root, he and his wife might take a trip somewhere pleasant and even warmer.

The scares of the past seemed far away until he found his pace slowing instinctively in the location along the road where the Stalker had left the tortured dead dogs in the past.

Well trained from the past years with the Stalker out and about, the Walker was fighting the reflex to check the ground for "offerings." 

An object out of the corner of his eye caught his attention and it was inevitable, he would have to look. Hoping he would confirm it was something thrown from a passing car, his stomach sank when he realized what he was looking at. 

As he leaned over to look at it, the Walker's mind reeled. This was a deer face having been peeled off by holding the ears and yanking. That had to take some strength and some disgusting motivation!

It was just like the Stalker to leave it out on the roadway where it would not be missed. And to put it right near where all the other grizzly animal offerings were placed.

He forced himself to stand erect, put away his cell phone, and hike on down the road unaffected. The Walker did not look back, nor did he want to know if the face would be gone soon after him viewing it.


One evening, the Walker's wife took off in her car with her friend when right beside the driveway, something ran across the road and into the woods. They both described it as on all four and black. They referred to it later on as a black deer, something that was unbelivably unlikely. They were confused by it as it didn't remind them of anything they had seen local and they were life-long residents.

When his wife relayed that to him, the Walker lifted his head and looked out toward that dense swath of forest across from their home. They heard godawful screams come from there several times and it had them closing the doors and locking them.

Making a mental note to keep watch of that, the Walker turned back to his chores, adjusting the security camera installed near their home where something over the years messed with the cars, managed to lock a door from the inside of the house, and left odd items including a headless rabbit.


Another day, another walk. Intending to not let the last find haunt him, the Walker set out on his daily constitutional. It didn't take him long for his eye to catch something odd. A turd. It wasn't just any turd, it was very human shaped but quite large.

Upon closer observation, there were white hairs in it. They looked very familiar, like the white hairs you find on a deer's hide. And the bilious green content was a curious thing. Bears left pile-shaped blobs on the ground with lots of berries and other easily identifiable bone and seeds in them. What made this? 

He didn't have to ask. The Walker knew what likely left this to be found.

Picking up his pace, he finished his daily walk in record time, proving that with the right motivation his achy bones could do the circuit fast if necessary.


As the Walker's wife ran through their video footage from their security cam she stopped and replayed a frame, as there was something in front of the camera. (lower right corner)

When she showed it to the Walker, he remained quiet, not wanting to get her worried. He studied the frames over and over to see something waved in front of the bottom right corner of the lens. This being a wide-angled lens, the culprit had to be standing far outside the view, raise an arm up and wave this "thing" in front of it.

The only problem was, the camera was mounted 9'2" up in the air!

The Walker recalled the image captured on the trail cam he mounted outside his home years ago. It was over 7' tall! 

And, the item waved in front of the camera reminded him of the one waved in front of the camera when it was in another position years ago. What was that thing?

In that video, it waved the item to the upper left of the lens and the cat reacted to something in the presence of this thing, including something odd and white that zigzagged in the line of site and the cat walked away, looking back where it had been. 

It appeared the same thing was being waved in front of the lens and reminded the Walker a bit of "poke salad," a southern wild plant. He looked it up to see if there was a reason this Stalker might like the poke salad and found out it was used commonly for rheumatism. 

Determined to stop his study of the Stalker mystery, the Walker straightened up and smiled a wicked grin.

Well, if it's eating poke weed for rheumatism, maybe it's old. Maybe it hasn't much longer to stalk me. 

More than six years into this back and forth, the Walker was more than ready to resume a normal safe country life without the puzzle that was the killing Stalker. 

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  1. It's obvious that the stalker and the walker are friends, at least as far as the stalker is concerned! I think considering the nature of the types of encounters the walker is lucky that it hasn't gotten darker or more malevolent. I realized after the stalker left the excrement that the relationship got more intimate, as odd or weird as that may sound. From the stalkers point of view, it was sharing something much more profound, or, intimate. Still, it is unnerving to say the least and from our human perspective, quite disturbing. This thing no doubt has heightened senses and probably beyond the physical so it can detect fear or intrigue, etc., and probably reacts according to the reaction it gets after an act of communication. As an animal, what we view as acts of violence are probably considered more as trophies or accomplishments, hence the bring it home, or to whoever it is trying to impress or play with, aspect. It is no doubt trying to show how skilled or smart it is or something to that effect. Now, this is all conjecture on my part but still I think it is certainly plausible and worth consideration. Thank you for the interesting, well written, and fascinating story!