Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: My Favorite New Show!


Y'all know my obsession with "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch," and now Discovery Channel has given me a happy new favorite show on Fridays, "Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch." 

I cannot recommend you see the first three episodes of this new series - link above.

This is my new obsession show, "Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch" on Discovery Channel. 

A ranch owner is smack dab on top of the Uinta Basin - not far from Skinwalker Ranch. Yes, he has skinwalker issues and other odd battery and machinery glitches, but he also has a 9000+ long cavern beneath this land that is very likely a major ancient hidden gold site. 

This is truly a huge obsession of mine as in my spare time my major research is on hidden treasures and cavern systems hidden ancient cultures, giants, Jesuits, Aztecs, and other secrets of man within the earth. 

Since I started metal detecting as a tot on our Civil War hospital property, I have been obsessed with archaeology and geology, focusing a good deal of my oil industry education on the qualities of payzones and today focusing on the gold lairs. 

My team is working to prove a cavern system that can stretch from South America all the way into the US west. Along those lines, we hope to uncover proof of ancient giants today when documenting and sharing live is fully possible. 

Catch up on the series Fridays on Discovery Channel. We have much to discuss!