Sunday, January 10, 2021

Mysterious Monoliths!


With the appearand and disappearance of monolith structures on Earth lately, it's made some ponder unusual monoliths in relation to other non-earth locations. One orbiting Mars is of particular interest. 

The Phobos Monolith is a structure seen on a potato-shaped moon orbiting Mars. The moon itself is a giant puzzle because of its shape and how it's held in its orbit seems almost placed rather than happenstance. It is the largest of the two moons.

It has the look of an asteroid or meteor. It orbits the planet closer than any other moon. Because it's so close, it moves faster than Mars orbit and so completes a complete go-round in 7 hours and 39 minutes!

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin has referred to the monolith. 

The mystery of Phobos and its monolith both are two of the great puzzles for us on ventures to Mars.

And speaking of monoliths - LOADS of them have been found around Earth lately without explanation. 

Here's the locations so far - 

India (1)

Morocco (1)

Austria (3)

Belgium (3)

Czech Republic (1)

Finland (3)

France (4)

Germany (10)

Hungary (1)

Italy (5)

Netherlands (4)

Norway (1)

Romania (1)

Slovakia (1)

Sweden (5)

Switzerland (1)

UK (4)

Ukraine (2)

Alberta (2)

British Columbia (3)

Manitoba (1)

Nova Scotia (1)

Ontario (2)

Quebec (1)

Saskatchewan (1)

Arkansas (1)

California (9)

Colorado (2)

Florida (2)

Georgia (1)

Massachusetts (1)

Michigan (2)

Missouri (1)

Nebraska (1)

Nevada (1)

New Mexico (1)

New York (1)

North Carolina (1)

Oregon (1)

Pennsylvania (1)

Texas (3)

Utah (2)

Vermont (1)

DC (1)

Wisconsin (1)

South Australia (1)

Victoria (1)

New Zealand (1)

Panama (1)

The Bahamas (1)

Bolivia (1)

Columbia (1)

Paraguay (1)

Iran (1)

The monolithic structures leave us with great unsolved mysteries, a bit of excitement, sometimes fear. The good thing to know is that we are in a time period where cell phones make it possible to note any oddities we come across and the ability to share. 

Keep sharing!