Thursday, January 21, 2021

I'm Dead, Aren't I?


As we don't have full confirmation on what happens after the physical body dies, we do know that energy can't be lost, it is utilized somewhere. 

Many believe that transfer of energy is from being hosted by physical form to being reclaimed by the quantum. 

So, do spirits really have issues knowing they are dead? 

Perhaps the closest we come to the other side is when mortals lose all signs of life and are revived, coming back with stories to tell of the other side in what are referred to as NDEs (near-death experiences).

My father had an NDE with me present. He had no signs of life for over four minutes. The paramedics worked furiously to try and revive him.

When he came-to and they rolled him out to the ambulance, he smiled and was so happy as he had been in an amazingly beautiful place with his family that had moved on. He was quite at peace with the idea of dying and a few days later he did die, but gave me a goodbye tug on my big toe as he used to after his business trips when he didn't want to wake me up but wanted me to know he made it home. 

When there is a split of spirit from mortal form, there are a series of experiences that involve intermediaries - dead family, angels, strangers, light beings, etc. There are decisions to be made about accepting the transition or offering a chance to go back.

As we have only gotten testimony from those who came back, we can assume that those who stayed had the same briefing and chose the high road. Their very environment and loss of body sensation, peace and joy would mean a complete severing of ties with the mortal realm. 

Would souls wonder hallways and not know that they are dead? My answer would be unequivacably NO!

Can there be residual hauntings where an apparition is seen walking the same path or pacing the same floors? YES! 

Might there be a situation where protectiveness of family members or unfinished business might make a soul skip over to our world and dink around? That might be a possibility. But in those situations, I am absolutely certain the soul knows it's not mortal any longer.

If a soul is an energy form, does not need to be in one place at one time, is omnipotent and omnipresent, then they can still dance around our realm. 

But it doesn't mean they don't know they are dead. 

The one exception to not knowing you're dead is in the moments of transition. When a person's soul unlocks itself from the physical form and hovers overhead, watching the scene, taking in the implications. In that brief time, it would seem that the comprehension becomes clear. 

I find this interesting as I have had life-long disaster premonition dreams, mostly airplane crashes. In each dream I am lucid enough to realize that no one on the plane sees me or hears me. I am there only to witness. I feel detached from what is occurring and not scared or threatened, simply recording the event in detail. It would almost make a case that psychics are utilizing the soul to see instead of the mortal form. But, even in these terrifying explosions, nosedives, landings in water, cartwheeling and more, I know I am not mortal and won't be hurt.

There are many passed on old wive's tales of what ghosts are - they have unfinished business, they don't like someone living in their home, they don't know they're dead, they are somehow trapped.... 

One by one we must hold these up to the evidence and remember that studying the spirit world is sort of like looking into a mirror to see what's behind you. You don't actually touch the objects there or interact with them, but you can see them reflected. We are dealing with a rather reflected infinity versus our three-dimensional finite. 

Ever try to catch moonbeams in a jar?

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