Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Book Review: "God's Road to Manson & Me" by Rick Jones


I am extremely happy to read and review a book written by a man I've come to know and admire greatly, Rick Jones

Rick's book from Trilogy Publishing/TBN, God's Road to Manson & Me just came out today in the bookstores. 

Before it was released, Rick gave me a copy and then when I was amazingly touched by what I read, he asked if I would help him get the word out on the book. He didn't need to ask. I was profoundly changed by this regular man-meets God's directive-theme. 

Luke 1:37 “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”

In his riveting, soon-to-be-released book, God’s Road to Manson and Me, retired correctional officer Rick Jones takes us along on some of the biggest tests of his faith. This culminates in a pre-destined encounter with one of America’s most hated criminals, Charles Manson. It was through this most unusual relationship that Rick and Manson came to gain a broader understanding of God’s forgiveness. This inspirational autobiography is relatable to all readers and offers a faith-based message of redemption that is much needed.

Now, I will share my own experiences reading this autobiographical book and Rick's encounters with criminal Charles Manson and how it expanded his understanding of God.

This riveting book takes you into the life of an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances armed with his unwavering faith. And, what we find from his sharing is that fate is the result of faith. God led him on a path and he obediently took it, following an invisible crumb trail that led him to what he sought - to be the best representative of Godly ideals that he could be.

After jumping through many burning hoops in his life and perservering, the ultimate test was yet to come - interacting with Charles Manson and gaining insight and understanding of God's mercy.

I find this interesting as it seems as if themes of God challenging people leads to their redemption or reward which is clear in this book.

It reminds me a bit of the coach or drill sergeant that puts you to the test to be ready to stand up for the team. 

Honestly, anywhere I opened up the book to read, just randomly, the lines I read seemed to apply to my own struggles and challenges in life. Rick was obviously humbled by the experiences that unfolded and this high-energy, excited-about-life, dynamic and loving man reached an even higher level of connection with God and thus with man.

I'd honestly like to see this book in movie form too as it has all the ingredients of a relatable and transforming film. 

I will give this book 5 stars as I have highlighted and gone back to many insights that have helped me on my own journey of understanding my purpose. 

Recommending this book isn't enough, I'd admonish everyone to have a copy to never feel alone again in the plight of spiritual beings living a human life. We are all connected and our purpose supercedes what we do as humans beings. 

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