Ghost Hunting Theories is #1 Ghost Hunting Blog 2020!


Once again, Ghost Hunting Theories has been ranked as #1 of ghost hunting blogs, this time for 2020. 

I'd like to take a moment to thank the blog's enormous and inquisitive audience. 

The blog has taken on every unexplained subject imaginable and shared some shocking finds from researchers working silently in the background to uncover truths.

My team of researchers here has now acquired some new equipment and we are heading out into the field in search of many amazing things.

I plan to share more field studies and more on the science of ghosts, aliens, Bigfoot, ancient giants, and much more.

On the right hand side of the blog is a list of links for popular posts. Some of these series are continuing to add more info, like the very popular Stalker Between the Worlds series. This is one of the most bizarre real-life series of incidents that have spanned several  years. And, the action is continuing with a new installment very soon!

Feel free to hit the search bar at the top of the blog and look for anything you are curious about. The content over 12 years is vast and prolific. 

The purpose of the blog was to explore all things unexplained and look at the subjects with new angles, unexpected approaches, and open up discussions. 

Thank y'all so much for making this THE place to open your minds and insert wonder.


  1. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog every day. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
    Cheers, Sandy


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