Amazing Abandoned Amusement Parks


Ghost Town in the Sky 
North Carolina 
(photo by Jeff Hagerman)

Amusement parks have always been the mecca of childhood dreams. They are filled with noise, lights, screams, and the scent of cotton candy and hot dogs. There is nothing creepier than finding one completely devoid of humanity, silent, and left to decay.

Let's take a look at some truly amazing abandoned parks - 

Abandoned water park in Hue, Vietnam reveals a giant dragon. 

The park is now guarded and closed, but photos of prior visitors creates a spine-tingling surreal world.

In Berlin Germany, we find a creepy abandoned park that is both fascinating and Old World spooky.

Across the Pacific in Japan, we find Nara Dreamland which is perhaps one of the most impactful abandoned parks yet!

Topping the list of amazing abandoned amusement parks has to be the victim of Chernobyl in Pripyat.

Of course, no country does abandoned like China. They build big cities and walk away, so amusement park is nothing.