Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Snow Monsters! Snow Monsters! Snow Monsters!


Winter's icy mantle is looming on the horizon and many locations are already seeing snow. When the world turns black and white, icy and forbidding, there is nothing that adds more atmosphere than snow monsters!

Let's take a spooky look at some of these icy legends - 


The Himalayas lay claim to a "monster" referred to as the abominable snowman or yeti. Locals call them Meh-Teh. Believed to be mountain-adapted and able to tolerate the coldest of climates, these hair-covered human-ape-like creatures have been reported to attack shepherds and villagers in the mountainside. Although one hasn't been proven yet, the belief in them is strong and unquestioning by those who live in these high altitudes.  


In German lore, this creepy demon will haunt your dreams and possibly sexually assault you. They are considered vampiric in nature. The legends say if the woman leaves her shoes beside the bed with toes pointing toward the doorway, they will leave her alone. These demons are said to be shapeshifters. As if winter cold isn't enough, these demons are said to suck the life out of people. 


Mount Zao in Japan is infamous for its popular attraction, the Juhyo or snow monsters. These beauties are created from snow on the trees making odd monster-like shapes. These occur mostly from the end of January to early March. 


For all the reasons the public loves "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" one of the biggest contributors is the snowy mountain monster, Bumble. His placement in the storyline was purely to push Rudolph past his worst fears. Everyone has a Bumble. And, while he represented terror, for most of us he's a cuddly, memorable, endearing, and misunderstood fur ball.


This Old Man Winter legendary figure embodies all things ice, snow, and winter. In times of Old, this character was seen as a mischievous sprite.  We often see him represented by frosty patterns on windows and chilly fingers and toes. 


This legend began in Central Europe and took hold. This half goat-half demon is sort of like the dark side of Santa. He punishes misbehaving kids. 

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