Skull Valley Monster on the Loose?


This post is researched and written by researcher Dennis Guern and myself. 

The more we research into the western US and the oddities, the more we keep getting drawn to Utah where there is much more layers of weirdness to uncover than has already been uncovered. 

In the started of Unexplained Utah, we begin this installment about the Skull Valley Beast - 

In 1968 at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah on the edge of Skull Valley, this location that is the largest chemical and biological weapon facility in the United States, sprayed the proving grounds with VX gas - nerve gas. 

Because their altitude was too high, it spread out over an area in Skull Valley that killed 6000 sheep. 

Established in its covert study of chemical and biological weaponry, a facility would obviously do some testing.

A report from someone who had regular access to the proving grounds reports a time in the past when some kind of three-toed monster escaped, killing a guard and some locals. Escaping up into the hills, there were no reports of it being caught, except that it left 3-toed prints that made it appear part human/part dinosaur(?) The witness had seen the prints himself and never quite recovered from the shock of knowing that things are happening right under our feet without us realizing it. 

Three-toed prints are found from time to time and confuse and baffle. 


Birds have three toes in front and one in back - ideal for wrapping around a branch.

Alligators have 5 toes in front and 4 toes in back.

Lizards have five toes.

Bears have five toes.

Sloths have three toes. 

So, only sloths have three toes today.  And dinosaurs had three toes


This facility reminds us of Plum Island Animal Research facility in Montauk, NY area. 

Montauk Monster - washed ashore in Long Island and many blame as a result of testing at Plum Island.

Did an experimental half man-half reptile escape from Dugway and run for the hills? If one did, we'd like to think the government kept it mirochipped and retrieved it hastily.

In another post, we will cover Skinwalker Ranch - but here's something interesting to note.

Skinwalker Ranch near Ballard, Utah is directly east of Dugway. This is 207 miles as the crow flies. Strange half man/half beast creatures were witnessed there. 

There are many things of unexplained origin in the beautiful state of Utah. More interesting things coming in future installments.