Perfect Christmas Gifts for Virtual Office Workers


There is a fine dance that occurs between home and office when one is working in a virtual office. Some simple measures to keep your home from feeling like a work place, but also being efficient are necessary. I will give some suggestions that might help define an area as office only or make it an efficient and attractive site to do business.

I've worked from home for 25 years so I really know how to make this work the long haul and make a home office an integral part of your home.

A room divider means you can put the office away for the night and not have it calling to you to work overtime. Setting boundaries is critical. 

This gel cushion (above) saved my life. I have tried every chair and every memory foam and other cushion to try and be able to sit for long periods of time without hip and butt pain. This thing shocked me. I didn't expect it to be so magnificent. I cannot live without it. 

A standing desk is the simple most life-changing office items I have ever gotten. It doesn't take many years of office work to absolutely destroy your body. This sits atop your desk and you can squeeze the release buttons and raise it up and lock it in place. I like to stand for a half hour for every half hour I work. While standing I can go up and down on my heels, dance in place, march in place and sometimes I forget to sit back down. I've been known to do this for four hours straight dancing around while typing. It is the kindest gift you can give.

There are plenty of ideas for making a home office an efficient and attractive place. I hope some of these helped. As a long-term home worker, I adore them all!