Multidimensional Beings Caught in Photos!


For a lot of those interested in quantum physics, the paranormal, and aliens, a man has come forward claiming to be able to take photos of multidimensional beings.

What is he actually capturing? Well, we certainly can't verify they are multidimensional beings, as those things are yet to be proven, but the photos are compelling and disturbing, and oddly very human like with two eyes and a face....

Daniel Nemes, a proclaimed scientist and inventor gives us some extraordinary images. Of what? We aren't certain, but we only know they look human-like and somewhat evil or alien. 

LINK: He discovered a method of capturing far superior to infrared, ultraviolet, black light, a video camera with TV without an antenna, etc. And that method (he) calls ENERGIVISION. (He) uses special lenses, ultrasensitive screens of his invention and above all sunlight. 

Whether you believe this man is actually accessing imagery from another realm or not, I do find it terribly interesting that all the images face forward as if posing for a school picture and have features like humans with eyes, nose, and mouth.