Friday, November 27, 2020

Christmas Gifts and Indulgences for Winter Lovers


With winter's arrival, some feel dread and depression, but many of us embrace it full force with face turned up to the snowflakes. 

Here's my favorite winter-themed gifts and indulgences. 

Natural bliss Mint Truffle (coffee creamer)

If asked what winter tastes like, most say "mint," and this provides that kick with a chocolate tone that makes it feel like naughty cocoa/coffee.

Arctic Explorer (lego set)

Complete with sled dog, this one is "The Thing" vibe and fun for the kids or collectors.

Bigfoot Snow Shoes

Let the little ones leave traces of Yeti! It'll be so much fun, they will get lots of exercise. 

Prextex (snow spray)
Spray some fake snow on the windows and tree, pine cones, and set the vibe.

Chauvet (snow machine)
Sometimes you wanna coax the experience. This is a blast and a fun tradition, perhaps to use when you're putting up the lighting for Christmas.

If you were a kid who begged for snow to show up so you could miss school and have a day off, this is the Goonies of the snow day!

Snow Fort Brick Molds
Build that snow fort or walkway path wall that says it's wintertime.

Ghiradelli Hot Dark Chocolate Cocoa
If you like adding marshmallows, this one is dark enough that it won't become milky and dull. 

Old-Fashioned Wood Toboggan 
Prop up against a hearth, hang on a wall, keep near the front door with some Santas on it, or actually use it! 

Women's Ski Jacket with Fake Fur
The bit of fur will make her feel fluffy. 

Men's snow boots
No more slipping and sliding

Enjoy for your leisure and absolutely free, a great snowy channel on YouTube that embraces the season!

Window suncatcher crystals
You see the northern climes like Sweden using these crystals in the windows to catch light and bring sunshine to the season. They are both frosty and sun-prism inducing.

Snow cone kit
Just don't eat yellow snow!

Snowflake wine glasses
I think I'd use these all year long!

Furry blanket 
Perfect for curling up by the fire and reading a book

Jonna Jinton (YouTube Channel)

This Swedish artist is one of our favorites. She lives in the icy north and dances like a fairy through the snowy woodlands, dives into the icy waters, and shares the Northern Lights, her art, and lifstyle in this amazing place. We put her videos on all wintertime in the background. She personifies the season. 

Stocking stuffer ideas
peppermint patties
warm gloves
movies with snow themes
snowflake ornaments
hot cocoa mix
snowflake coffee mug
figures from the movie "Frozen"
fluffy socks/slipper socks
snowflake temporary tattoos
iceberg blue nail polish
snow scraper
ski cap

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