Review: "Bigfoot: The Legend is Real"


Upon occasion, I get the privilege to review a film before its release. In the case of "Bigfoot: The Legend is Real" from the Crypto Files Series (Crypto Crew Productions, Double T Productions, Zombie Media) on Reelhouse, I had a most enjoyable Friday afternoon viewing this.

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This documentary passed my Bigfoot researcher criteria with ease. 

Lots of witness accounts

A recreation 

Field footage as studies are done

Explanations about habits and habitat

Beautiful location (Pine Mountain Range area of KY)

Plenty of seasoned Bigfooters

Pleasant score for background mood music

Footage I've never seen before that blows my mind

That being said, some of those involved in the film, besides Thomas and Tony, were the Night Stalkers of Ohio, numerous witnesses, and Leo Frank offering some of the most amazing footage I have seen and believe me, I've seen a LOT.

They covered wood knocks, rock tossing, limb structures, odd vocalizations, and more video/audio and their ventures into this gorgeous tract of woods is real eye candy.

The Pine Mountain area is known for UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot, and other oddities, much like areas such as Skinwalker Ranch in Utah and Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts. This setting does seem to create an odd alchemy we have yet to understand.